hamster and dog.bird,too Game!Which hamster type are you?Game!I examine whether you are really a human being.It is a quiz about the hamster Photos.I traveled HongKong Italy England and Thailand.Game!I look for the country
which is suitable for your traveling
March 11, 2011.Japan earthquake and tsunamiWhere are you from?What is your pet? self-introduction
About my favorite thing(music,movie,,,)
I introduce popular food in Japan.Add your URL freely !Information.LinksIt's the composite picture of Puri.traditional fortune game of japanA little.illustration of the hamster About pet,traveling,movieresult of vote,questionnairegamequestionnaire resultMay 1. She came!Please write in easy english.how to use Auto link.example.

Photos of Hamsters
composite picture
Genki's photos

Hamster Diagnosis



England Italy hongkong tiland
online cameras in Japan.
You can see view of Japan.(REAL TIME)

overseas travel

Japanese food
Sightseeing spots(Tokyo)
Japan etc


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