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Explanation famous store/link
If you do shopping.
Convenience store Food,book,drink, stationery,etc, are gathered in the convenience store.It is being opened for 24 hours.(not all stores) 7eleven,Lawson,FamilyMart,am/pm
department store Food, furniture, stationery,book, electrical appliances,pets, and so on.You can buy anything. takashimaya. isetan mitsukoshi
supermarket Food is sold.When it's a big store, clothes and an electric appliances,etc are sold. itoyokado,seiyudaiei
100 yen shop Tableware, food, stationery,etc are sold..You can buy any goods for 100 yen. cando,daiso
If you read a book.
Bookstore Bookstore is in most towns.Comics are about 400 yen.Pocket edition is about 500 yen.Hardcover book is about 1000-2000 yen.Magazine is 300-1000 yen kinokuniya
Secondhand bookstore. You can buy a book cheap.There is a store which sells a game,CD,English book too. Book off,rebook
Library If you wants to borrow a book, you must make a book card first.(You have to show ID at that time.)You can borrow five books.Monday is closed. national diet liberary
If you see a movie.
movie theater about 1800yen,(expensive)Woman can see a movie for 1000 yen on Wednesday.Movie theater is in the large town.You can buy it cheap at the ticket shop warner mycal,tokyo theatres
Video rental shop. You must show ID first to make a membership card.(An entrance fee costs about 300 yen.).You can borrow Video, CD, DVD.Price is about 300-450yen. tsutaya
TV It is broadcast on television from 9 o'clock. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday.That is dubbed in Japanese.But, there is a television which you can listen to in English,too.
TV Fuji TV and NHK is very popular.Fuji TV is popular among young peopleNHK is popular among Adult.Almost eight programs are broadcast. tv-asahi,TBS,NTV,NHK,fujiTV
karaoke You can sing various songs.(There are English, Korean,Chinese song, too)Almost 1 hour 180-480 yen.You have to write a name and time(how long you sing) to a paper first. big echo,utahiro,karaokekan
Museum. about 200-600 yen.Art museum is about 600-1000yen.Closing time is generally 5 p.m.Most museums are closed on Monday. Tokyo metropolitan art museum,The@Museum of Western Art,Tokyo National Museum
. Amusement park 20 or more amusement parks are located in Tokyo.DisneyLand is the biggest.A price is 4000- 3000 yen. TOKYO DISNEYLAND
Sightseeing See a site if you hope for the bus sightseeing. Hato bus
bus In one-man operated buses,passengers board from the front door,pay the fare,and get off at the back door.In buses which require different fares,passengers board from the back door,pick up an automatic ticket coupon there,and pay in front when they get off. JRbus
train When you buy a ticket,first check the fare to your destination on the chart and buy a ticket at the automatic ticket-vending machine..As for the details, see the site of the JR. JR
Police Police boxes are called Koban,and located in many places,Policemen are on duty in shifts and handle such things as lost and found objects,giving directions,and major criminal cases.
emergency Let's call "110" at the time of the accident.At the time of the illness, call "119".In case of emergency, even if you have no money, you can call from a public telephone.
Mail. As for the details, see the site of the post office. Post office
Japanese information
weather If you want to know the weather,see this site. weather
news If you want to read a Japanese newspaper,see this site. mainichi,asahi
If you want to know about Japan. Japan,Jinfo
Please visit Japanese sites!-they are all written in English Japan power
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