My starting point of manga
The manga which was painted in this theme to display it at Chao's manga festival .

Now, though I guess many Wedding Peach fans already knew the fact, still there is someone who have misunderstood my gender, so I pronounce here, I am not man but woman ! *laughter*

Sorry everyone. My self portrait led a misunderstanding, I know.^^ So male-like, isn't it? But my friends said that picture is the spitting image of me!! (Oh My...^^;)

Finally, to prevent new misunderstanding. ----I never wear such a feminine dress. This cut was drawn for Wedding Peach tankoubon2, as a joke!
My real phto



<-astrological sign: Leo (29 July)/ blood type : O /hobby : Reading (science fiction, mystery, horror etc.)
I am living with four cats.(I like animals)

My Favorite
Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson(Black Adder), The movies, Tama (Japanese pops group) trip, ..and so on.


I like China, so I've made a trip to China repeatedly. (Unfortunately, I hardly speak Chinese. ^^;;)
I wish I could write a manga like "Xi You Ji"(= The westward Journey? There is the title "Monkey"which is Arthur Waleye's English translation). some day, though such manga are very much in Japan.

My happiest time

When I made a picture which was nearly my ideal. It is really, really, rare cases !!! ^^;;

My fatal error

When I assisted Iguchi Yumi-sensei, I spilled many white-ink on the drawing!
But she forgave me... Thank God!! *laugh*


The recollections of summer

In my childhood, I had been often caught by flypaper which hung from the ceiling, at my grandfather's house.

Me "OH, YUCK!!! FLIES!!!!
Mom "Oh no, again...."

One of my friends told me, "It's just like you. In your character"
......Yeah, that's true. May be.