Getting Winny Up and Running

1.) Download the latest version of Winny here:

2.) Extract it to the directory of your choice.

3.) Download the node list with the version that matches the version of the Winny you got here:

4.) Save that node list in Winny's main directory in a txt file called noderef.txt

5.) Run winny2.exe


Navigating Winny

These are the main sections of winny.

(The Main Sections of Winny)


Checking to see if you are connected to nodes

Press the "node list" button, and you should see a list of nodes like the below picture, if your correctly created a
"noderef.txt" file as directed above.  Hopefully, some of the servers should be non-white, indicating that
you have connected to them.

Winny's node list)




Sharing your files

The more files you share, the more likely you will be able to connect to nodes, and download files that you want.
First you should designate some folders of yours that you want to share.

1.) go into the "upload folders" section

2.) press the "add folders" button

(adding upload source folders)

the following dialogue should appear

adding upload source folders dialogue box)

3.) hit the (R) button to select the location of the files you want to share with other users

4.) give it a folder name

5.) press (A) to add that folder

6.) wait for the hash check to complete


Downloading files

Refer to the main diagram at the top of this page for names of things

1.) Type in a keyword in the "search window" and hit return

2.) go to the "search results" tab

3.) If the file you where looking for is found, double click to download.

4.) You can monitor the progress of this download in both the "download conditions" and "transfer monitor" tabs



Setting your options

Refer to the main sections diagram at the top of this page and press the "options" button

(setting the upload cap)

You will mainly want to set the upload cap.

1.) Type in a number in KByte/s that you want to be the maximum of your upload bandwidth used

2.) press the (U) button at the bottom to confirm


In depth translation

I hope someday this section will be a complete translation of the functions of winny. (ha)

Anyway, I have listed the main tabs in bold, and the green, subtabs functions as they
appear from left to right.

Node List: this is a list of nodes that come from noderef.txt

1.) add a node




5.) DNS address stuff?

BBS: whatever!

1.) add a node


3.) cache clear



Folders: mainly this is for designating your shared files

1.) designate a folder you wish other users to download from

2.) some kind of check for new files

3.) another kind of check for new files

4.) browse to selected folder

5.) browse to your downloaded files folder

Search Results: You want to check here after entering a search term.


2.) clear results

3.) show files that you are uploading

4.) show files that you have completed in the cache

5.) show files that you have partially in the cache

6.) ?????

Download Conditions: Holy, living, fuck. How do you use this thing?

1.) add download

2.) remove selected from list

3.) view list's txt file


Ingore Conditions: Whatever!

1.) add

2.) remove

3.) view txt



Download monitor: This is where you can check on the progress and status of your downloads.

1.) clear inactive downloads

2.) clear all

3.) selecting this prevents cached files from being
de-encrypted into your downloads folder as a viewable file

Log: Whatever!


System Info: Whatever!