The first in India - "Dry self desorption specialty" is published.
India for the first time, becoming specialty was authorized.

The contents of attendance suppose that it will become possible to open and close alone at three steps of starting from the stretch of the shoulder, being increasing pliability, and a hand reaching the fastener of the back, opening about 1/3 by the hand by the side of a opening first, opening the back portion of a head by the hand by the side of opposite, and opening the last 1/3 by the hand by the side of opposite again.

The experience beyond yoga 41 hour serves as a precondition of course attendance, and the air consumption control effect by abdominal breathing is also expected.

In addition, the string attached to a fastener is not lengthened or opening and closing using other tools, such as a hook of a wall, is not admitted as a wrong way. Opening and closing by one's hand to the last is called for.

Moreover, the design of a C-card is what designed "The pause of a Flying fish", the backbone and internal organs are stimulated, a lung function is trained, and a constipation dissolution is also achieved from the stimulus to internal organs.

[ From Delhi April 1, 2003 ]@@