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The characteristic of Mount Eniwa
Face without make-up of Mount Eniwa
Point of mountain climbing

 The characteristic of Mount Eniwa
Mount Eniwa is the mountain which resembled Mt. Fuji. Mount Eniwa is reflected to the picture postcard of Lake Shikotsu. Mount Eniwa and Lake Shikotsu resemble in the married couple. Mount Eniwa is the mountain where emphasizes the beauty of Lake Shikotsu and be the lake that Lake Shikotsu emphasizes the strength of Mount Eniwa.
Existence understands Mount Eniwa easily from the DOUOU area. Being located in the southwest area of Ishikari Plains it is for the figure of the cone of the height above sea level of 1320 meters. Mount Eniwa is in the SHIKOTSU-TOYA national park. Many mountain climbing person visit in Mount Eniwa in summer. It is because it is sightseeing sights. However, the mountain climbing of Mount Eniwa becomes a day trip. There are not a hut and camp place in Mount Eniwa.

The charm of Mount Eniwa is the scenery that was rich in the depth and change of nature. It is possible the mountain line and many alpine plant that a little danger accompanies about the eye.
Because of the advantageous landform near way metropolis Sapporo,the number of the mountain climbing person is comparatively many the mountain with popularity also in HOKKAIDO. There is only about 1300 meter and the height above sea level difference from a steep top starting point of a mountain climb, there is climb and respond, although it might feel it unsatisfyingly something and 1000 or more meters height above sea level be sufficient.There is ‚”‚’‚‚‚‚‚“‚“ that is connected to the fall accident when ‚‚Ž one step is mistaken and be and climb as many as 80`90 total extension meters of ropes during the course and doing there be the compact rock climbingof while and be the falling rock and the precious mountain where is able to experience all the charms of mountain climbing and be in the mountain of a Sapporo area to.

If you stand in the Mount Eniwa top I can see a beautiful view. It is seen Lake Shikotsu under your eye. Besides it is seenthe view even the lake Okotanpe, Mount Youtei,Niseko range of mountains of town and, cobalt blue color of Tomakomai that adjoined the town, new Chitose airport, the Pacific of Ishikari Bay, Sapporo, north Hiroshima, Eniwa, Chitose.

Many alpine plant are blossoming, in Mount Eniwa.KobanoIchiyakusou and MarubaShimotsuket are blossoming in the Mount Eniwa mountainside and. Many Iwahige and Tarumaisou take the trouble of causing to become tranquil your heart in summit neighborhood. Also Mount Eniwa is the sanctuary of a wild animal. A small bird and bear are living. It is because many mountain climbing person visit in Mount Eniwa, that the bear does not appear in the mountain climbing road. A bear knows your existence with your sound and smell. A bear the fight with the human being that I am avoiding in the advance. Let's carry a bear bell because even you do not fight with a bear.

  Face without make-up of Mount Eniwa

Are you know? Mount Eniwa is designated to the active volcano. The BakuretsU crater that is in the mountainside of Mount Eniwa is giving smoke. Although a little sulphur is foul-smelling it spreads to a nose. Mount Eniwa is alive.

The crest line of Mount Eniwa is the boundary line of Eniwa-shi and Chitose-shi. However, even the present is just as indeterminacy. The boundary line is useless in Mount Eniwa. Mount Eniwa is the thing of everybody. Let's do mountain climbing with a modest feeling. It is because you are accepted by Yamagami.

Mount Eniwa was held 28 years ago as in the downhill race meeting place of the Sapporo Olympic winter season convention . Pick and others of the world compete with the mind and body andthe Sapporo Olympic winter season convention the beginning of Japan ended in success, I had even many problems. Many trees were planted, to retake the tree inthe mountain after the convention end. However, the site of the course floats on slope when it becomes winter and appear.
Environmental disruption even the environmental disruption the Nagano Olympic winter season convention a problem and much people discussed. At present, if the Sapporo Olympic winter season convention were held Mount Eniwa would not become in the meeting place of the downhill race.

    Point of mountain climbing

The parking space of the starting point of a mountain climb of Mount Eniwa is narrow. Mount Eniwa is crowded with much mountain climbing person at the end of the week. Needless to say a car parks to length to go along the national highway. Also one without the own car is able to use even the bus.Yet it is a stoppage of service from the October middle of a month to spring.
The height above sea level of Mount Eniwa is average in the mountain range of Hokkaido. However, it is not possible easy Mount Eniwa mountain climbing, if the environment of the undulations, surroundings of the height above sea level difference and course are integrated. There be a rock place and cliff, steep slope and the prudent mountain climbing is requested because it is thecourse that was rich in the change. Mountain climbing during" be painful "you who challenge mountain climbing for the first time stop mountain climbing, if you feel that and please challenge the next time.

Do not forget rainwear at the time of mountain climbing. Also even the carrying of the canteen and food, lighting appliances, protection against the cold clothes are necessary. As for your mountain climbing equipment, let's avoid becoming heavy.
Let's enter your address and name in list of names, if the preparation of mountain climbing ends and you arrive at the starting point of a mountain climb. There is a description counting room in the Poropinai starting point of a mountain climb. When came not to move the mountain climbing course and be in an unexpected accident and also be lost actually, if you write the name to list of names the people of the rescue party take the trouble of coming to help.
There are not a hut and camp place in Mount Eniwa. Needless to say there are not a watering place and rest room. Because day trip mountain climbing is a principle the attention.

Lake Shikotsu where looks
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The summit where hopes
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