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Do you know Sepak Takraw?

Background and History

Sepal Takraw was created by the royal family of Malaysia about 500 years ago. The name itself comes from two languages. Sepak is "kick" in Malay, and Takraw is the "ball" in Thai. When it is born, It looked like Japanese "Kemari", and some became a circle, and a pole was kicked, and the number of times was being competed in.
It looks very similar to the Japanese traditional game, "kemari" where the players form a loose circle and the number of times the ball is kicked before it touches the ground is counted. In 1965 the game was unified into the present volleyball style with the addition of a net and the adoption of international rules.


The court and the net height and size are identical to those used in badminton and each team has three players. The rules are very similar to those in volleyball, with the following five important exceptions.


The player who kicks a serve surely puts a leg (shaft foot) in the service circle, and takes a toss from the player who went into the quoter circle (the semicircle of a radius 90 cm done around the contact point of the center line and the sideline), and kicks the ball.
When a game bigins by one serve, a ball can be touched by the attack of one time to three times. You can use a head, a back, legs, and anywhere except for the arm from the shoulder to the point of the finger.

Game score

The team which scored two sets out of three sets first get the victory in the game. Each sets consist of 15 points. Only 6 points of the the third set are systems.


Real ball  (3.16KB) There are 2 kinds of balls of the thing that the thing edited in the stem of 9-11 ratten, and the shape were imitated with the plastic and which was made. A ball made of the plastic is being used as an official ball from the 11th Beijing Asian convention.
The weight of the ball is 170g-190g, and the size of it is a perimeter 40cm, and there is a hole of 12 in it. It is much smaller than a handball, a little bigger than a softball.

Highlight of the game

The player jumps as much as his height in the high state, and a ball is struck by the spike like acrobatics and hatched. The speed is said as about 140km per hour, an air battle has somthing fully.

The international organization of the Sepak Takraw

Both an Asian Sepak Takraw league (ASTAK) and the headquarters of the International Sepak Takraw league (ISTAK) are in Thailand, Bangkok. Members naitons of it are 18 countries.

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