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Oshii is in charge of picture direction of Mountain of Dreams in 2005 World Exposition,Aichi,Japan.

Mamoru Oshii Glossary



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There are many proverbs which "3" of a number expresses. "Trinity." "3 With [ a boundary ] no house." "3 Kuniichi's bride." It is both treated as the East, the West, and a mystical number.

226 incidents

The coup-d'etat incident which the army young officer caused on February 26, 1936. The Prime Minister's official residence, the Metropolitan Police Department, a newspaper publishing company, etc. are attacked. Since the Emperor of those days concluded that it was a rebel army, agitation spreads inside a rebel army and it ends in failure. In Japan, several movies are manufactured by using this incident as a motif. As a masterpiece in recent years, there is "226" (1989 manufacture) of the Shochiku movie. Seemingly, deep snow had lain on Tokyo on the day.

MM series

A plastic model maker and the Tamiya model Popular plastic model series which solidified the battle vehicles of all ages and countries developed on 1/35 of unification scales. Many fans are also under deployment energetically by precise molding acquisition and now when more than the series start 30 year passed. When Director Oshii is also losing his job once, it is said that many were assembled.


Operating system. Basic operation of a computer is managed.


Movie " AVALON" -- him in a network -- the prop of the used card (a kind of the authentication system which dedicated personal data is seemed) was the PC card itself used for a notebook PC etc. at the time of a check


The abbreviated name of a role playing game. A player plays a certain role in a game, raises a character along with a scenario event based on the experience value which advanced and obtained the game by the battle etc., and aims at ending. Movie " In AVALON", the system which took the example to RPG can be grasped, each role in the unit in a game is united with skill, and a "Bishop", "Mage", a "fighter", "Thief", etc. call it in the name of an occupational description familiar by RPG.


A bird (crow) protects an airship in movie"Patlabor2". When an attack helicopter takes off, it flies away together. A bird is the symbol of intention and Consciousness. A bird and a fish are the relations of contrast.Many crows and pigeons inhabit the city in Japan. scenery in which the city was common.


The wild dog inhabited the whole country in Japan till around 1980. That into which the pet dog was thrown away with the wild dog. It is totally destroyed mostly by activity of a health center.


The polite way of speaking of a "fish", or baby talk. Language which a girl looks at a passenger plane in a "labyrinth thing", and is emitted very often. A fish appears in "an angel's egg", a "labyrinth thing", etc. "Police car lei bar The aquarium was used for the clandestine meeting place in Goto and Arakawa also for 2." Seemingly, according to the Oshii, a fish is an "unconscious" symbol.

Oarai beach

The beach which exists really. The address is Isohama-cho, Oaraimachi, Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki-ken. At the beach in Japan, cooking "YAKISOBA" and the "Ramen noodles" which stir-fried the thin noodles of flour in the griddle are eaten.

class SA

Movie " The higher rank concept of the class A in AVALON." It is referred to as class S.A, and a sure proof cannot be found [ whether it is the field which exists truly, and ], and it has become legendary existence between players. It considers as the field which has an actual feeling more than Class A with the immense amount of information. Is the field approximated actually infinite very actual sure enough? What is the world called "reality" before connection to AVALON?


Now,the house in Japan, 1-2 child and parents live.


The tendency characterized by adherence of a rule, the resistance to that unprecedented, lack of originality, etc. is said. It is not used not much in the affirmative.


The railroad route of the typical beltway in Japan is Yamanote Line in Tokyo. 29 stations are operated by 20.6km in about 1 hour, going via other routes. The railroad of Tokyo has a route for commutation in the letter of radiation to the suburbs, and has the role which is tubercular in them in the central part. East Japan Railway Co. is managing.


The Mongolia Empire which suited present northern China Nishi. The intention which imitated the tortoise as a foundation of the building of a court was used there. In Japan, a tortoise is caught in the image connected with water. "Urashimataro" is in famous "Otogibanashi" to which a tortoise comes out. This is a fantasy which the man who helped the tortoise rides on the back of a tortoise, and is taken to the different world. If it returns from the different world, dozens of years of time will have passed, and there is an end where he will be an old man if the hero to whom the life in the original world became difficult opens the box of the souvenir from the different world.

An experience value convertible into gold

In movie "AVALON", experience gained in the game can be converted into money. Oshii was told as follows. "which was regarded as it being irrational that the money earned in the game does not use in actual society" That was the cause of the "AVALON" design.

Shimmer of hot air

Hot air goes up from the road by which asphalt pavement was carried out. The refractive index of light changes from the difference in the density of air, and it is [ scenery swings and ] in sight.

School festival

Student movement

Movement which is opposed to "Japan-US Security Treaty" concluded in 1960 is large. The big student movement broke out the ten years after also at the time of amendment.

Yellow gas

The toxic gas arms, mustard gas it is supposed that the Iraq army used at the time of the Gulf War. Although it is transparent and colorless if pure, that with which impurities were mixed carries out yellow and ocherous coloring.

A yellow flower

The perennial herbaceous plant of the North America native department of a chrysanthemum. It is very prolific and can see at the vacant lot in Japan.

A yellow airship

an airship is not not much seen in Japan today

The other side in the made-up world

Movie " Although the ash consulted the reference of the King Arthur tradition by AVALON" at a library, the pages of reference are [ no ] entire blank papers, and were described at all.

Metal baseball bat

From 1980 age, the murder case between the families by the metal baseball bat succeeded one another in Japan.

Disappearing town

The sudden rise of land prices occurred in the city part of Japan from the middle of the 1980s. Redevelopment was performed in all city parts. Although it seemed that Japanese economy greeted unprecedented prosperity by calling a time "bubble economy", it entered in the 1990s and greeted of his death. In Tokyo of a capital, the Metropolitan Government Office exceeding 200m was built, and it was connected with the "Tower of Babel", and was called "the tower of a bubble" etc.

Beef bowl

Food with which the rice cooked in the bowl was piled and the meat boiled with soy sauce etc. was piled on it. The onion is boiled in many cases together. A price is the Japanese yen and is - of 300 yen about 500 yen. In the city part, the chain of several companies is developing the store. They do business in many cases for 24 hours.

Convenience store

The convenience store of 40000 or more shops is located in Japan now. Thousands of kinds of goods are tidily displayed centering on the processed food, the drink, and the magazine on the inside of a shop. A store without a special holiday is a large majority in 24-hour business. Goods are delivered by the track several times per day.

Computer virus

A kind of a program. Many have self-multiplication capability and breed through a network. Destruction of unusual operation of a computer and data etc. is performed in many cases.

Detective office

The office which receives a request and carries out every investigation. Business with typical search of a missing person, fickleness investigation of a spouse, etc. Detective office.

The dream of a butterfly

A thinker called Chuang-tzu was in China of B.C. He became a butterfly and looked at the dream in which a flower top was flown about. He who awoke [ out of / the dream ] worried. It is the dream in which the butterfly is looking at [ now ] whether the dream in which I became a butterfly was seen now also with it. Metaphor talk of a dream and an actual distinction not sticking.


The special public corporation [ say / Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation ] is managing the entrepreneur of the highway of Tokyo.

High economic growth

Taking advantage of the Korean War which occurred in 1950, Japan revived economy greatly. The flow was accelerated by "Income Doubling Plan" upon which the pond Tanouchi big building in 1960 decided. Growth continued to the rapid rise of the crude price by the fourth Middle East War in 1973.


It is rare to treat a girl as an actual existence person.

The outside in the world

Seemingly, the dead end is located in the universe.


The sacred book of Christianity. There are the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Thin wheat noodles

Noodles food eaten in Japan in a summer. [ many ] Commercial dried noodles It boils for 2 to 3 minutes, and it exposes to cold water and cools, and it dips in noodles soup and eats. With the ability to cook easily, since it is comparatively cheap, it is proud of much demand in Japan. It also sets in the Oshii work and is one of the popular food. However, if it places into a work, there is much depiction which covets intently and is consumed regardless of elegance peculiar to Japanese seasonal food. in this case, "it being cheap" -- "-- easy --""-- a lot -- " -- it is thought important to be eaten

Eating and drinking in outside

In order that coming out outside may meet others. If you meet others, it is halfway necessary to carry out both meals.

Time slip

"Doraemon" One typical tool which will be accepted. If the drawer of a child's room is opened, a time machine is there and it can move between space-time.


The spherical form before becoming the chicken and larva of an egg student living thing. The girl was holding in the bottom of clothes with "an angel's egg."

Andrei Arsen'evich Tarkovskii

The film director of the Andrei Arsen'evich Tarkovskii (1932-1986) Soviet Union. In old age term, defects to Paris. It is characterized by the difficult long movie. A thing with a very long one shot is also the feature. a masterpiece -- a "stalker" and "planet Solaris"


According to the geographical condition, Japan applies in autumn from the end of summer, and some typhoons pass through it.

Eating-while-standing buckwheat noodles

It exists at the railroad station of a city part mostly. First grader crops of the department of TADE. A seed is used as powder, and it is made noodles, and eats. Soup is what set the extract and soy sauce of a oceanic bonito or sea tangle. There are many kinds of topping. The deep-fried tofu of a "moonlight party" and tofu is called "a fox and raccoon dog" for a fresh egg. Cooking time is short in order to put soup and the boiled noodles into a bowl in the shop. A typical fast food of Japan. A price is in Japanese yen. - of 200 yen 500 yen. There is no chair in a seat for audience, and a bowl is placed and eaten at a counter.


General term of the medicine which suppresses a nerve.


Oshii was born in the downtown area in Tokyo. He bears big love against the downtown area in Tokyo. Anger is expressed to the scenery which was familiar by redevelopment being lost.


Japan has few plains and large population is living in the city part. Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka They are three big cities. In quest of work, concentration of the population to a city became intense after World War II. Now, about 10% of human being of whole Japan lives in Tokyo.

The other side of a door

Typical comics of Japan, "Doraemon." "The item with much number of times which appears into a work is a door anywhere." The tool that there is a place to move beyond in which the door was opened.


Japan had constructed the alliance with Germany and Italy in World War II.


Japan belongs to the Temperate Zone and humidity is highly sultry in summer. The "heat island phenomenon" poses a problem from an air conditioning machine, the heat which a car gives off, and the little of a green tract of land. It is common for temperature to be higher than the suburbs several degrees.


Intense sunlight of summer which vanishes even a shadow which makes the feeling of time or space lose. A "Beautiful Dreamer" and "Red glasses", "Patlabor THE MOVIE" etc., being fond with the Oshii work.


Japan has a dish using the large pan of various kinds. It is thought that all families surround one pan, because there is an effect which strengthens a family's bonds.

Welsh onion omission

A Welsh onion is the perennial herbaceous plant of the department of YURI. In Japan, one-pot dishes etc. are used variously. There is a peculiar flavor and there is also a disagreeable person.


The first perpendicular taking-off-and-landing fighter in the world developed in Britain.


" The woman who is the hero of AVALON." Seemingly an "ash" means "ashes" and it originates in the state of the character in RPG "Wizardry." Since it is in the state in which the game return before "LOST" is possible in "Wizardry", it is thought that the state where it was located in the boundary line of the "other side" and the "side here" was compared.

A gray lady

" The nickname to which the woman who is the hero of AVALON" was attached from the player of "AVALON." It originates in the King Arthur tradition. "A gray lady is the name of the ghost which haunts the former site of a round table. There is also an opinion of protecting Arthur's treasure which it had underground.


In the central parts including Tama River and Arakawa which flow Tokyo and an adjoining prefecture, rivers of slander, such as Sumida River and Kanda-gawa, are flowing.


The dwelling, the building, town, and city which people lived once, was abandoned by a certain reason, and finished the role. It appears in Director Oshii's work mostly as a simile as a stage setup. Is it because it is the existence proof by which the existence is the past itself and was lost eternally?

Virtua Fighter

Major game maker Sega is as an object for arcades. It will announce in 1993, it is made the pioneer of the polygon fighting game which called the explosive hit, and is monumental work. Many fans have been held by the real grapple developed in the 3-dimensional field of imagination, the simple operation system, and the deep game nature calculated delicately, and the popularity was made into the immovable thing by Virtua Fighter 2 which used texture mapping. With a hit, many heavy players with transcendence-skill are induced and they play an active part in the writer of a game magazine etc. It becomes kind star-existence. These phenomena can be called one of the motifs of a movie "AVALON".

Shinya Fujiwara


Kazuki Fuse

The hero of "people wolf." It is written next to people as a dog, and is "Fuse". When the name is determined, it is said that a hero's character was determined.

Bay Bridge

The bridge in Yokohama-shi. A part of Metropolitan Expressway The Daikoku wharf and Honmoku wharf of Yokohama-shi are connected. Completion in the 1989 fiscal year. Full length of 860m. The light rise was carried out at night and it became a sightseeing spot at the time of completion.


Rei Maruwa

The pen name in which Director Oshii was doing past use. In addition, it appears frequently also as a name of the hero of the Oshii work. nud ex."-- the Seibu-Shinjuku battle line is unusual -- carrying out -- " and Director "Blood the last vampia" Oshii -- those with a tendency which are used for the person who projected his character strongly

The camera of a missile

By television news of Japan, the image repeatedly photoed from the missile for a ground attack of the U.S. Forces was broadcast at the time of the Gulf War.

Hayao Miyazaki

The authority of animation manufacture in Japan.


Japan is comparatively blessed with water resources. The rain of a proper quantity falls through every year in the whole country mostly. The circumference of a country is the sea.


" Both the world made actual in AVALON" and the virtual world in a game are described in a monotone. However, in class S.A., it turns around and fertile color develops.

Employed movie director.

The activity as the Oshii being professional starts at the time of Tatsunoko-production entrance into a company. The animation for much television broadcasting is built and a staff is insufficient in Japan those days. Probably, there was much short-term movement of the staff.


It seldom snows in Tokyo whether it is the influence of global warming.

Reactive Armor

present -- business -- a kind of the equipment for a cartridge used for a tank In the case of impact, the Armagh part explodes itself and offsets the shock of impact by reaction. "Police car lei bar In 2", the last sortie was attended and additional equipment of the jacket with built-in reactive Armor was carried out at Ingram. The jacket of deep khaki green is associated with a combat uniform, and it is thought that the point which will go from now on was directing that it was a "battlefield."


A pterosaur The fictitious living thing which is made to flap wings and flies in the sky.


The name of a dog. "One" is expression of the sound of the cry of the dog in Japan. "wan." It is a suffix without the meaning attached since sense of pitch was excellent at the "time."

Along the bay development

In order to perform both processing of dust and expansion of flat-ground area, in the city part of Japan, marine reclamation is performed briskly. A new city function is formed in new land without the existing bondage, and large-scale development continues also on the adjoining flat ground. About 200m a skyscraper and a large-scale exhibition hall are built in many cases.

Mamoru Oshii's profile

Omori,Ota-ku,Tokyo,Japan / August 8, 1951 birth.
At the time of a schoolchild, it is taken to a father, and goes to a movie theater. The number of times is 4 - 5 times to a week.
While being enrolled in a metropolitan Koyamadai high school,participates in a student movement.
He readed Many SF novels.
1970, He entranced department-of-education fine-arts pedagogythe department of the Tokyo Gakugei University.
1976, He graduated Tokyo Gakugei University.
He joined Tatsunoko-produ ction in 1977.
"Ippatsu Kanta Kun" is the first production work.
He transfered to Studio Pierrot (http://pierrot.co.jp/) in 1980.
His teacher is Mr. Toriumi.
The directed work for theaters "Nils's wonderful tdip" (Nils no fushigina tabi) will be announced in 1980.
1984, studio pierrot leaved. Henceforth, a freelance.
"GHOST IN THE SHELL" (director) exhibited in 1995 were exhibited also in the United States or Britain, and gained the 1st record of a sell video chart by U.S. Billboard in 1996.
In 2004, "innocence" was exhibited a at competition section of "Cannes Film Festival".