The misjudgment of the Olympics Judo cannot be permitted.

Mr.Douillet, please admit the fact of having been defeated

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The final day of competition at the 2000 Sydney Olympic tournament Mr. Shinohara fought against Mr. David Douillet at the +100kg men's Judo final match. Shinohara defeated Douillet by Uchimata-Sukashi, which requires advanced technical skill.
However Mr.David Douillet won the game.
Obviously there existed the misjudgement. Such an unfairness must not so slightly dismissed.

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The misjudgment of the Olympics judo cannot be permitted. The winner David Douillet smiles and holds his gold medal, while Shinohara is dejected countenance.
22th September, at Exhibition Hall in Sydney.
The misjudgment of the Olympics judo cannot be permitted. Mr.Yamashita, raises his hands and appeals for a misjudgement.
22th September, at Exhibition Hall in Sydney.

All Japan Judo Federation submitted the protest sentence to IJF.
- All Japan Judo Federation (2000.10.06) -

All Japan Judo Federation submitted the protest sentence to IJF.


September 29, 2000

Mr. Yong Sung Park
International Judo Federation

Re : Protest Note Concerning the Refereeユs Judgment in the Final Match of Menユs Judo
+100kg Category at the Sydney Olympic Games

Dear Mr. Park,

On behalf of the All Japan Judo Federation, I would like to congratulate you on the success on the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. We would like to declare our heartfelt appreciation to you and your staff for all your assistance.

The exciting matches by athletes from each of the represented countries and regions gave audiences worldwide a spectacular impression. This was true for live audiences as well as television viewers.

However, we must express our great deal of disappointment at the misjudgment between Shinohara and Douillet in the final match on September 22, 2000. When Douillet executed Uchimata to Shinohara, Shinohara threw Douillet by Uchimata-sukashi, one of his best techniques. One judge awarded Shinohara Ippon for Shinoharaユs Uchimata-sukashi but the referee and the other judge awarded Yuko for Douilletユs Uchimata. We understand that in some cases each refereeユs judgment differs according to the position and angle of view. Shinoharaユs Uchimata-sukashi, however, was clearly Ippon from all angles and positions of view. According to the people watching the match, there was no doubt; it was Shinoharaユs win by Ippon.

It was quite obvious from both the videotape and the photograph (attached) that Shinohara was in control of the throw. (Shinohara balanced his body weight with his right leg, left leg extended up and away from his body. Shinoharaユs right hand gripped Douilletユs left hand, controlling and pulling Douillet. At the same time Shinohara pushed Douilletユs ribcage with his left hand. These details indicate Shinohara controlled the throw of Douillet.)

Coaches and athletes dream of competing at the Olympics and make extreme efforts day in and day out to get so far in their sport. Competition and judgments needs to show honor and integrity. This is no difference in Judo. We need to ensure that future generations of athletes can also believe their dreams are possible.

We respectfully request the IJF Executive Committeeユs Meeting regarding this matter at your earliest convenience. Please forward notification of any decision made in this matter. If the misjudgments occur in the future, the same situations will repeat themselves. By resolving this issue promptly, this will help to promote more cooperative international competition.

In the event that no satisfactory decision is made, we will reluctantly be forced to file a more formal complaint in the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

We anxiously await your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Yukimitsu Kano
All Japan Judo Federation

C.C. : International Olympic Committee
Japanese Olympic Committee
Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
International Judo Federation Executive Committee

To : Mr.David Douillet

You are not a win.
Do you think that you won really?
Your acquisition of the Gold Medal was due to the misjudgment. Japanese think that the judgement was a mistake.

What a shame the umpire does not know "Uchimata Sukashi" which even the child understands.

It is wrong more to behave as if you won it, and to put the gold medal at hand.

I'm afraid Japanese people would keep laughing at your behavior unless you rethink the fact.
I would like you to know the Judo is not the Throwing Mutually.
If you say if you are Judo-ka, perhaps you shoud study the soul of the Judo once again.

The Japanese agree with my opinion.
Surely Judo-ka all over the world, too.
If not, that is a person who does not understand the Judo or wrongly learned.

Are you glad of the gold medal gotten due to the misjudgment?

I want you to admit defeat.
If you have the soul of the Judo.

Finally, this Mail does not request the restoration of the Gold Medal.


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