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投稿者:fabrizio from Italy - 投稿日時:2002年02月20日 05時27分23秒

You will find:
- Lists of football items for sale or swap, such as stadium postcards, tickets,...
- A selection of black & white and colour worldwide stadium postcards...
- Attendance statistics for 2001-2002 of Italian Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1, Serie C2
- Attendance statistics club by club since 1962-63 of Serie A and Serie B
- All the stadiums of Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1, Serie C2 and the big grounds of the lower leagues
- My favourite football club, AC PRATO 1908
- A selection of the most important stadiums(and others) related web-sites (also Links exchange!)
- Guestbook for messages and announces

Remember my interest: Sale-Exchange-Purchase of Stadium postcards of
Football and Rugby from all over the world.