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** Studies of Karuta theory and method **

== "Karuta Koukaku" == (Mar/1993)

     (A study of competitve "Karuta")

== Personal studies about the competitive "Karuta"(+) ==

     As one preliminary study about the technique, method, thought(+) (Oct/2007-Nov/2011)
     Extra(+) (Feb/2012-ongoing)

== A study of "real nature of karuta" == (Jan/2008-Mar/2008)

== A study of "Left-handed player" == (Jul/2009-Aug/2009)
      [ English ]

== Viewpoint of the competition == (Mar/2009-Nov/2009)

== What does the number show ? == (Dec/2009-Aug/2010)

== The words that affected my theory of "karuta" == (Feb/2009-Sep/2010)

== "The forbidden fruit" == (Apr/2009-Feb/2011)

== Ten important points for the competitive "Karuta"(+) == (Oct/2010-Nov/2010)

== A study of Joh,Chu,Ge "Dan" == (Oct/2007-Jan/2011)
      [ English ] <--A summary of "Joh-dan"

== A study of "the first sound" == (Feb/2011-Oct/2011)

== A study of instruction method == (Nov/2012-Oct/2013)

== A study of "Karuta Kai" in University == (Dec/2014-Jan/2015)

== Index of studies for Breakthrough == (Jan/2015-Jun/2015)

== Index of "Trap of the weak point awareness" == (Jan/2017-Aug/2017)

** Novels **

== "Fuda Moyoh" == (Jan/1998)

     (Scenery with cards of "Karuta")

== "Mu","Su","Me"--- == (Aug/1999)

     (Daughter and "Karuta")

== "Hidari Gedan no Kansei" == (Apr/2003)

     (Pitfall of left nearest row)

== "I","Fu" == (Sep/2006)

     (If .....)

== "Mube Yama Kaze o" == (Dec/2006)

     ("Wind blowing down a mountain" and "Storm" of Mind)

== "Hakai" == (Feb/2007)

     ("Destruction" and "Breaking the commandments")

== "Aki no ta no" == (Mar/2007)

     (The first card of "Hyakunin Issyu")

== "Kimi ga tame Haru" == (Apr/2007)

     (Spring for you)

** Archives **

== "Karuta Tenbo" which is a bulletin of "All-Japan Karuta Association" ==

     (Tables of contents and comments ; vol.1-vol.67)

== The change of the standard for "Dan-i" == (Mar/2013)

      [ Certification of "Dan-i" for the competitive "KARUTA" ]
      ( English )

== The old and the new comparison of "A rule of competition" == (Apr/2013)

== An excerpt from competition life 30 years memory magazine which titled "Ama Taka" == (Aug/2014)

== Pleasure of recording personal data == (Aug/1999-ongoing)

** Others **

== "TOPIC"(+) ==

     Esseys about "Karuta" and world of "Karuta" (Mar/1999-Jun/2007)
     Extra (Aug/2010-ongoing)

== Introduction of 100 poems in "Ogura Hyakunin Issyu" == (Nov/1995-Jun/2008)

== Introduction of 101 poems in "Hyakunin Syuuka" == (May/2008-Jun/2008)

== Introduction of 100 poems in "Aikoku Hyakunin Issyu" == (May/2008-Jun/2008)

== Letters(+) == (Jun/1999-ongoing)

== Japanese crassical poems with a fixed form == (Sep/1997-ongoing)

== Records of "Karuta" game by myself ==(Jul/2008-ongoing)

== A diary of Exercise(+) == (Feb/1999-ongoing)

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