MAY 9, 2001 HELLO!
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WAZZP, cyber friends?
im MOMIJI undergrad in HIROSHIMA-shi JAPAN, MOMiJi means a maple in Japanese. im sometimes so fickle that i changed the name of my page to QUEER SAMURAi from momiji's page, g-youth, q2000, queer youth inspiration. im looking for someone about students age for friendship or whatever, such as teenybop, pockemon, or sterile chat...... ive been cramped in an outlandish town, and no implied feelings about desires for other guys here. i have no gay friend here, even though i have some friends outside of the town i live. i like to talk about anything so dont be shy. i dont mind just sitting quietly with someone, not even exchanging glances. English is my second language, so when u find out my mistakes, could u inform me? What better a place my site to reach u than right where u already are! i need y r help to attain my motto, even though i sometime feel quite lazy to anything( ha ha!). i will welcome any stuff positivey after all, though i sometimes grumble or mumble! if u have any comments, suggestions or questions about me or my homepage, dont be shy and send me along to
im writing this to just tell u my side of story, and i hope u like..... i realized i had an attraction for someone of the same sex when i was seven years old. However, i didn't come totally out until my Junior year at high school, when i was sixteen. Coming out to my school friends wasn't a traumatic experience for me. But i decided never talk about gay stuff with the friends of mime any more since then. Their attitude to me don't change it semms, but i don't know they have always and continue to be very supportive of me. i moved to Hiroshima to attend a college. im at the final semester of the undergraduate education program and have plenty of tasks to be done. The good thing though is that im able to be with my school friends, and deal with this lonely situation. The only thing though, is that if i was going through this very intense emotional and morbid time during my college years. i really don't know if i would made it out im alive in a countryside. Otherwise i phone friends living in Osaka or Tokyo from time to time or go out to drop by at some places. i remember in high school days, i felt like i was the only gay person on the campus. U may feel like y r the only one also, but gay and lesbian people like us are all over the world in fact. They are y r friends, teachers, doctors, and neighbors. Unfortunately, people are not always free to let their sexuality be known. im still learning about people and many new stuff about the gay. i beleive what has helped me the most is having friends, gay friends. its a bond u can share when u know someone else is gay. Hopefully, reading about me and finding people to help u, u'll become relieved from yourself. Once u are able to get to that point, every part of y r confused and obsessed life will fall into place. Thanks for reading!