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Queer Samurai Japan/ For Gay Adult

You can visit Japanese History For Gay Japanese History For Gay

JAPANESE LITERATUREcomptons's encyclopedia online
On line classical Japanese text
Ohio University English 271H: Queer Literature
Gay History and Literature
Gay tales of the Samurai

2)Queer Resources:
Books for and about Gay/Lesbian Teens and Youth
Rin's Answerz for gay, bi, lesbian and curious teensanswers to lots of questions about coming out, relationships, sex and lots of other topics.
AN INTERNET LINK GLBT EDUCATIONYouth Suicide Problems Gay/Bisexual Male Focus
Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review
IU GLBT Student Support Services Library
Asian Gay & Lesbian World
Open Directory Project
James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian CenterThe San Francisco Public Library's collection of materials
Guide to Gay and Lesbian Resources in the University of Chicago Library
ONE Institute International Gay & Lesbian Archives A series of history articles, profiles of gay/lesbian pioneers
Bibliography of Art and Comic BooksHuman Sexuality Collection
References for sexuality study in Japanas I see it from his page, he's a postgrad/ in Japanese
References for homosexualityas I see it from his page, he's a psychiatrist and assocites with the activity with co-medical people, and gay volunterrs/ in Japanese
Academic page by a specialist of Japanese literature Japanese term list relatinig to sexuality, even though written in Japanese.
You can visit to translate at
or use a free service that changes gibberish back into Kanji characters at

I can say info of gay Japan are converted into a funny shape. I don't know why. I hope I can help you understand the broad outline.

Jan Dodd : Japan : Update: Basics Travel & Resources, refers to the gay guide map" OTOKO MACHI MAP" in Japanese
U-topia Travel & Resources: Japan. As I can see it, a commercial enterprise in connection with specific bars, shops, and so on. Travel & Resources: Asia
mostly for a commercial purpose

Queer domestic wevsites FOR GAY ADULT
I can say every site has adult stuff, where the mixture of gay adult and youth. Eventually, there is no restricted site for teens or youth in Japan. The age of consent or the legal age is 20 in Japan. But the rules and regulations is not so severe. We can find the street boys( private male prostites) at SHINJUKU NI CHOME. English is also available:

Sindbadbookmarks.comList of categorized links both in English and Japanese. No Search engine.
GNJThe first foundation of gay org in Japan
BJC's Life in Japanpersonal. for your entertainment, a fair judge about Japan, even though the info is exclusively at Kansai region.
Gayweb Japan
Asianmen club
tokyoclassified Useful when looking for gay adult in Tokyo, even though this is not for gaymen only. When you lost this adrress, go to the top page. As I can see it, the specific people always post thier ad on the board. Also, chat is available.
Japanese site:
Men's Net JapanThe reputed No.1 site in Japan, even though only in Japanese. Anonymously, gay attorneys advice us on serious cases like someone have caught sexual harassment by adult gay, someone got tons of spam mails with dirty words, there is a bitter quarrel on a BBS or chat board, a pickpocket on a gay crusing place.....

News relating to queer written only in Japanese
Japan Gay News/ JapaneseDomestic news of Japanese queer, and a translation from the original articles in English. a fair judge about topics or articles.

Cybercafe WORLDWIDE:
Japanese Cybercafe links/ in Japanese Approximately $3 and a half per hour to use the facility in Japan

Japanese Dictionary/ Japanese the mannual is in Japanese
Translation Japanese to English/ Japanesethe mannual is in Japanese, but the most acculately translated into E/J or J/E in the web.
Translation/English to Japanese,Spanish,French,German,Italian,and PortugueseAs for Japanese, I can say not available for the study.
Shodouka.comA free service that changes gibberish back into Kanji characters
Useful, if you can understand Kanji.
On line Dictionsry Afrikaans Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish
As for Japanese, the technical term is poor.

The Alternative Dictionaries international slang - an internet collaborative project. Very intersting!
1000dictionariesYou feel you are great!

Japanese map
Get map
MAPION Japanese Map/ Japanese Many Japanese use this map. Sadly, in Japanese.

A schedule ; railroad, subway, bus, streetcar, ship, airline
The schedule links/ Japanese
a domestic transfer/ Japanese

Search engines:
Japan Search Engines All line up

Relating to government
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
The World Factbook