A history of my wevsite

The reason i made my wevsite;
This is just to long to explain. One of the reason is that a college i belong to serves net-facilities to every student, so students use those chances for free at school or even home with some dialu-ups. i wanted to make queer friends indeed.

i quitted usin a school acount, beacuse i felt scared to know lagre piles of histories accumulated while i was donin a netsufing. Most of the time i did ...collectin hundreds of pix, i confess it was only at the beginni, soon i fed up with.

Then i emailed somebody registered somewhere on Japanese queer pages, no matter what the future brought to me. i had to face the truth after all; i found many older dudes, i can say ,or sleazy people, even though still young, that made me feel diffuclt, feel paranoid or sucky feelings. So i quited the email-way.

Soon afterward i involved in Japanese classics related to abit queer stuffs, though very different ,strictly speaking, in comparative literature, from the queer of western ideas. Cuz the word "queer" or "gay" itself was imported from western countries. Japanese word "DANSYOKU" or "SYUDO" equivarent to queer, many people might think, is quite differnet reffered to history. Our ancestors imported eventually alot from the west at Meiji Period-( even now Japan imports alot from the west), though we didnt have in mantal. i checked and found its not easy to show all those stuffs or evideces. Anyway Japanese cluture had been fostered boy-boy or boy-older dude relationships since an older periods in our method, even though older dudes( mostly nobles or higher priests) were invloved boys, those like queer behaviors were written in officially long time ago for example: "KOJIKI", " Nihon shoki". i want to add those to my page soon. "KOKIJI";Japan's oldest extant chronicle, recordin events from the mythical age of gods up to time of Empress SUIKO. "Nihon shoki";Oldest official history of Japan covering events from the mythical age of the gods up to the region of the empress JITO. Japanese perions are up to Emperor's death or resignation. i love Japanese classics, even though my major is not,so im not an expet, if anything. i want you all to know Japanese classics and want to share ideas with somebody not only in Japan, but all over world. it expects to make more friends with in a cyberworld than it once thought. i welcome YOU!

Here is the proto-type;

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