ミドルアースクエスト トールキンクエスト
シャーロックホームズ ソロミステリーズ
ナルニア国物語 ソロゲームブック
タイガー暗殺拳 ザ・ウェイ・オブ・ザ・タイガー



Middle-earth Quest Game Books 1
A Spy In Isengard

A Spy In Isengard イセンガルドの密偵
Since your apprenticeship began, you have worked for the powerful and revered wizard, Saruman the White. But of late, you have grown troubled by what you see and hear within his mighty fortress of Isengard. Orcs and wild men gather inside. You have seen Saruman poised over the great seeing-stone exulting over scenes of battle. Has Saruman surrendered his will to the evil Sauron, Lord of the Rings? Can you warn the White Council before all is lost? YOU control your destiny in this intriguing first gamebook of the MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST series!


Middle-earth Quest Game Books 2
Treason at Helm's Deep

Treason at Helm's Deep 角笛城の反乱
You are a young Warrior of Rohan. On the eve of battle, you witness a veteran Rider conferring with an arch-enemy. Is the Rider a traitor or a counter-spy passing false information to your foes? You resolve to find out and immediately plunge into adventures beyond your wildest imaginings. Before the tangled plot is resolved, you must do battle with Saruman's minions and defend the walls of the Hornburg at the climactic Battle of Helm's Deep! YOU control your destiny, and perhaps that of Helm's Deep, in this thrilling second gamebook of the MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST series!

Middle-earth Quest Game Books 3
The Mines of Moria

The Mines of Moria
The War of the Ring is over, but the evils of the past linger. Bram, a Dwarf whose family hails from Moria, asks you to undertake a dangerous quest. In the long-abandoned caves of Moria lies a document which proves the family's claim to lands usurped by a wicked rival. Can you retrieve it? The family wishes to restore its dignity, honor, and wealth; any riches found along the way are yours. Word of the mission, however, has reached the Dwarf-usurper who threatens to kill anyone challenging his claim. Can you outwit his schemes, restore the family lands, and seize a fortune of your own? YOU control your destiny in this danger filled thrid gamebook of the MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST series!

Middle-earth Quest Game Books 4
Rescue In Mirkwood

Rescue In Mirkwood
The Ring is destroyed and Sauron defeated, but deep within the dark forest of Mirkwood, danger lurks. Captured by Orcs, a son of Elvish nobility is held in chains, his days numbered. You have been asked by an Elvish princess to help her find her brother and free him. Legolas has offered his counsel, and Radagast might be persuaded to provide a guardian owl. The reward is great - but great enough to face Giant Spiders and a legion of Orcs? Only you can decide!

Tolkien Quest Solo Game Books 1
Night of the Nazgul

Night of the Nazgul
The time is just before the War of the Ring. The Shire is in grave danger. You are sitting in the Prancing Pony at Bree when a tall, hooded stranger motions for you to join him in the shadows at the rear of the inn. The man called Strider puts before you a dangerous but vital proposition: to warn the Hobbits of the Shire of the imminent arrival of the Black Riders, fierce evil spirits who threaten all good folk. Can you measure up to the task and cross the Brandywine to warn the Hobbits in time?

Tolkien Quest Solo Game Books 2
The Legend of Weathertop

The Legend of Weathertop
The War of the Ring is over, but evil things live on. High on Weathertop, the ancient and revered site known as Amon Sul, Orcs gather to attack travelers on the Great East Road. Within the peak lies a secret passage to the Deeps, great caverns beneath the earth guarded by fearsome denizens. In one cavern lies the legendary Staff of Truth, powerful relic of the Edain. A riddle leads you to search for the magic weapon, which promises great powers. Can you solve the riddle, find the Staff, and escape with your life?

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 1
Murder at the Diogenes Club

Murder at the Diogenes Club ディオゲネスクラブ殺人事件
Scandal shakes London's most wxclusive men's club as Colonel Philip Sylvester lies murdered in the reading room.Can you uncover the murder, the motive and the method?Is anyone among the respected but anti-social members a likely suspect?Can you rely upon Sherlock Holmes or his older(and some say "more accomplished")brother Mycroft for assistance?You are the detective in this intriguing first book ot the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES series.This gamebook also includes a second,complete mystery adventure,IRISH STAR.Two complete Holmes mystery adventures in one book!

 ロンドンの有名なクラブでおきた殺人事件。犯人の動機は?手口は?クラブ内での会話はいっさい禁止されているという特殊に規則のもとで君はホームズと彼より “博識である”といわれる兄のマイクロフト氏の助言を得てこの難事件を解決することができるだろうか?他にも不正の疑いのある競馬のレースを捜査する“アイリッシュ・スター”の2つ事件が君を待っている。
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 2
The Black River Emerald

The Black River Emerald ブラック・リバー・エメラルド
The once-exclusive Belton School for boys in Shropshire has seen better days,but theft,blackmail and attempted murder are not yet part of the curriculum!Prowl the shadows of the crowds of London in this thrilling adventure.Prove yourself innocent of the theft of the valuable and cursed Black River Emerald as you seek the guilty party.If mystery and danger abound,can Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson be far behind?You are the detective in this action=packed second book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES series!

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 3
Death at Appledore Towers

Death at Appledore Towers
One of London's most affluent "brokers",Charles Augustus Milverton,is found shot to death at his elegant estate,Appledore Towers.Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard asks for your assistance in tracking down the murder,in an investigation which seems to unearth more questions than answers.Why does Scotland Yard need help from an independent detective in the first place?Why isn't the legendary Sherlock Holmes already on the case?Could it have something to do with Milverton's rumored notorious reputation?Now it's up to you to follow the intriguing path of clues to prove motive,method and opportunity - no matter where it leads.You are the detective in the brain-teasing third book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES series.

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 4
The Crown vs. Dr. Watson

The Crown vs. Dr. Watson
It's 1894,and Sherlock Holmes has been presumed dead for the previous two and a half years.Watoson's story,"The Final Problem,"seems to confirm the loss of the great detective.Seeking to fikk the fill the void left by Holmes,you are asked by Mycroft Holmes,Sherlock's brother,and a reluctant Scotland Yard to investigate the murder of Sir Terrence Milton,a London businessman.The evidence points squarely at Dr.Watson,who had an altercation with the victim shortly before his death.Can you uncover new evidence and expose the murderer?If Dr.Watson turns out to be the killer,what will you do?In this challenging fourth book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES series,you are the detective!

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 5
The Dynamiters

The Dynamiters
In May of 1886,London's Paddington Station is rocked by a boumbing attack.Investigating the incident,you take a special interest,for your best friend was killed in the explosion.Suspicion centers upon "the Dynamiters,"a band of anarchists with ties to Irish Separatists.As you immerse yourself ub the plot,your investigation becomes more complex and dengerous.The web of treachery could culminate in the collapse of Parliament!With the assistance of Baker Street's immortal sleuth,you must olve this herinous crime before time runs out!You are the detective in this intriguing fifth book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES!
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 6
The Honour of the Yorkshire Light Artillery

The Honour of the Yorkshire Light Artillery
It is 1890,and the London dailies are filled with shocking accounts of jewel thefts in the west of England.Sherlock Holmes investigates,and you and Dr.Watson accompany him. As Holms looks into the thefts,you are asked to protect a golden eagle called "the Honour." while guarding it you witness a re-staging of an histric duel,and a tragic mishap occurs. One of the duelists is wounded. Is it attempted murder? Is "the Honour" somehow connected to the shooting? You are the detective in this intriguing sixth book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES!
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 7
The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush
A guard at Buckingham Palace is found murdered under circumstances which implicate a member of the Royal Family. Queen Victoria is worried that an official inquiry would result in lurid newspaper articles. To avoid damaging the prestige of the monarchy,she directs the Chamberlain to conduct a preliminary investigation. He has 48 hours before Scotland Yard intercedes. The Chamberlain is in a quandary. He has no relevant training,and the investigator must be of noble blood in order to question the Queen's family. Perplexed,he turns to YOU! Is the Royal Family ubvilved? If not,who committed the murder? You are the detective in this exciting seventh book of the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLO MYSTERIES!

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 8
The Lost Heir


Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 9
The Kiddnapping of Moriarty


Narnia Solo Games books 1
Return to Deathwater

Return to Deathwater
Your class rip turns into the adventure of a lifetime as you are swept into the magical world of Narnia! Summoned by the court of a magician of Cair Paravel, you must unravel the meaning of a King's puzzling dream. The ship named Zephyr Reginalis whisks you off to the forbidden land of Deathwater, where you must solve the riddle of the isle's name, learn the fate of a lost lord, and confront the island's obsessed ruler! YOU are the hero in C.S.Lewis' world of Narnia in this first gamebook of the NARNIA SOLO GAMES series!


Narnia Solo Games books 2
The Sorceress and the Book of Spells

The Sorceress and the Book of Spells
"...for a long time there would be news of evil things lurking in the wilder parts of the forest - a haunting here and a killing there..." The foul creatures who once followed the White Witch now gather under the banner of a new, deadly theat to Narnia: the Sorceress from the Sea. She draws her power from a tome entitled Runes From the Sceptre of Grace. With it, she plans the demise of King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund, and Queen Lucy. If the Sorceress is not stopped, her unlawful coronation will follow. Aslan, Son of the Emperpr-Beyond-the-Sea, calls you from a holiday at the seaside into the threatened realm of Narnia. In this exciting book of the NARNIA SOLO GAMES series, YOU must foil the Sorceress' dreadful scheme!


Narnia Solo Games books 3
Leap of the Lion

Leap of the Lion
The Great River has dwindled to a trickle. Haadreh the Calormene has built a gaudy temple above the sacred ground of Aslan's How; Talking Animals suffer under his heavy taxation. Is the wild lion who roams the forests of Lantern Waste truly Aslan, son of the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea? Or is he a savage predator hunting young and vulnerable Talking Beasts? Brought from the foggy streets of London to the oppressed land of walking trees and living water, you must confront the lion yourself and proclaim the truth. YOU will determine the fate of Aslan's children in this enthralling third book of the NARNIA SOLO GAMES series.


Narnia Solo Games books 4
The Lost Crowns of Cair Paravel

The Lost Crowns of Cair Paravel
The White Witch rukes in Narnia, cursing the land with eternal winter. Snow blankets the hills and dales; icicles drip from the cruel spires of her castle. And in the Witch's courtyard stand the statues of Talking Animals turned to stone by her evil wand. In this thrilling fourth book of the NARNIA SOLO GAMES, YOU challenge the White Witch's power. Aslan, the King over all kings, commands you to bring new hope to Narnia's oppressed creatures. YOU must journey on a perilous quest into the Western mountains and find the Lost Crowns of Cair Paravel!


Narnia Solo Games books 5
Return of the White Witch

Return of the White Witch
All seems well in Narnia. Fauns and nymphs whirl in midnight dances under the forest's eaves. The wild Red Dwarfs feast and treasure-seek in mines and caverns far beneath the forest floor. In the vaulted Great Hall, the noble folk of Cair Paravell listen to minstrel's tales. Yet there are signs of discord. Black Dwarfs and Wolves comb the ruins of the White Witch's castle, while a Werewolf haunts Lantern Waste. And an evil Hag hobbles along the peaceful country lanes. In Return of the White Witch, YOU must confront these enemies and thwart their foul plans!


Narnia Solo Games books 6
The Magician's Rings


Narnia Solo Games books 7
Keeper of the Dreamstone

Keeper of the Dreamstone

"So these two Kings and Queens rode a-hunting with horns and hounds into the Western Woods to follow the White Stag." And they were not seen agin in Narnia for many centuries. After this disappearance ,the dryads and naiads,fauns and centaurs,badgers and foxes and dwarfs were left with no Sons of Adam or Daughters of Eve to rule,do justice,and protect them from their enemies.Now,an unscrupulous criminal,exiled from his own land,plots to set a pretender boy-king upon the Narnian throne.In KEEPERS OF DREAMSTONE,you must stop this foul schemer and his nefarious plans to seize power!



Avenger! タイガー暗殺拳
You are Avenger, a Ninja warrior, and worshipper of Kwon, Supreme Master of Unarmed Combat. Trained in The Way of the Tiger, you are now an outstanding master of the martial arts, ready to use your deadly skills to overturn evil and to avenge the death of your foster-father, Naijiashi. Naijishi's assassin has stolen the Scrolls of kettsuin, guardian of the secret Word of Power, which could imprison Kwon in the Inferno forever, unleashing the forces of evil throughout the World of Orb. Your quest is to find the assassin before he reaches the Pillars Of Change.




After a long and dangerous journey you have successfully retained the Scrolls of Kettsuin, guardian of the Secret Word of Power. Your god Kwon's commendations have barely left his lips before you must face the malice of the gods of Evil, intent on preventing the Scrolls' return to their rightful place on the Island of Tranquil Dreams.



At last, having overcome the forces of Evil, which conspired against you, the Grandmaster of Dawn reveals the secret of your long-dead father’s identity - The King of Irsmuncast. You are the heir to his title and must cast down the cruel Usurper and take back the crown, which is rightfully yours.



After a mighty conflict you have overthrown the evil Usurper - self-appointed King of Irsmuncast. Now you must rule in his place and bring wise government to the strife-torn city of Irsmuncast. This will be your greatest challenge yet.



Triumphant from your perilous quest for the Sceptre and Orb, vital to the continuation of your rule of Irsmuncast, you have returned to chaos. Your city is over-run by evil hordes and Honoric, leader of the dread Legion of the Sword of Doom, has vowed to kill you and bring your people into slavery...

玉座を取り戻す危険な使命に君は成功したものの、アイルスムンカストにおける君の王権維持が極めて重要な時に、君は再び大混乱へと引き戻されてしまった。 君に復讐を誓い、民衆を奴隷とすべく亡剣軍団の総督オノリックが、軍勢を率いて侵略してきたのだ・・・。


Victorious from your great struggle against the forces of evil, you must now risk everything and enter into the Rift to rescue your good friend Glaivas the Ranger-Lord, held somewhere deep in the Rift's honeycomb of tunnels which stretch in darkness to the very centre of Orb.



FIRE WOLF 悪魔族の叛乱
Fire*Wolf,an outcast from his village, alone and near death, is saved by hermit. His price is the rescue of his daughter from her captivity in the Far Kingdom. The quest is a perilous one. Fire*Wolf forced to become involved in the great battle between hereditary enemies. The danger from the dreaded Demonspawn is now at its height. Only you can decide the fate of Fire*Wolf. With your dice,you must choose which options Fire*Wolf should take and face the consequences.


Fire*Wolf,exiled from his Barbarian village, has inherited both his unknown father's name, Lord Xandine, but also-unwillingly-his roke as a sorcerer. He must also face his father's enemies. He wil need all his skill, and his father's spells, if he is to survive and successfully combat the most dreaded foes on earth:the Demonspawn. Standing in the ruins of Belgardium, Fire*Wolf knows that his most dangerous adventure is only just starting. Only you can decide whether hewikk be trumphant or perish.


King Voltar's violent death has shaken the realm, which has lost its one protector. Fire*Wolf, now a member of the Ruling council, knows that ten years of peace have ended and that the hellish Demonspawn are at work again, plotting devilish destruction. Only the mighty Golden Orb, with its treacherous magical powers, can vanquish the old menace forever. But Fire*Wolf's terrifying quest takes him into the heart of the Spawn's foul carverns-and into his greatest test of skill and strength. You alone can decide whether he will triumph-or meet a horrifying end...


The Demonspawn have been wiped out, but some of the land's most prominent people are mysteriously disappearing. Fire*Wolf, in love with his beautiful young bride, is blind to the portents of doom. But when the princess is seized, Fire*Wolf realizes that Harn is beset by evil-the prey of ancient sorcerers preparing for war. Fire*Wolf alone must fight this last, cosmic battle against the forces of darkness. He alone can save his people from destruction. Upon your decisions rest Fire*Wolf's victory or failure-and the fate of his world.