スリー マイル パイロット



one step ladder

One for the joker one for me one for the road - twenty for his soul - but I don't want to know this is me
I might fail - I can hardly steer let alone put on the brakes so I just keep clear of stations - legs don't
fail me now - I don't want to know - this is me cornered tight in compact steel under cemented wire mesh
wrapped over in this stone cold flesh - suddenly it's my finger moving watch closely - this is my
strength being eaten - this is me bone dry torn from surviving flesh - if this is my last breath - I don't
want to know I might fail - I've got the hands that can reach your neck if they feel the need - but I don't
want to know - this is me under here bent back broke in half a sinking anchor screaming in anger -
suddenly it's my finger moving - this is more than structure it walks under your heel - a corner to fit in
a house to die in - these are last chances and I might fail - in the land where the leg thought before the
head they were just moving for food and shelter - it just took a hundred steps for every one - can
hardly blame them - one down and a hundred to go - I swear this isn't me - I caught myself again the
one step ladder tries to fuck me over again - takes it all at once - one for the joker one for his thieves
one for the road - twenty for his skin - but I don't want to know this is me I might fail - I can hardly
chew my food let alone pay the rent so I just keep clear of stations - legs don't fail me now

sore loser

Summer turned ahead of green simples came wicked for this head of lettuce - camouflage condom wig
on his head belly o' greed - slick wax floors before the door at the bottom of the slide - walls turn to a
point - slipping on the glass eye as the lid blinks over this crushed lens - like the day that the lid closed
the sky above your head - (he can't make the difference in days they all bleed into the same) - bleeding
all over the maid but she's made to be fast but it won't last we all bleed the same - he's here now he
might as well stay he plays the game well he's not a sore loser - he says sore losers are out before they
even get up to swing - but he can't even get up with that belly o' greed - belly like a whale - but he's
gonna get it one way or another and if he can't find it... what is it that we suffer - is it in your head -
like the day that the lid closed the sky above your head - he gets closer every time

slow hand

Sheep's peaches always turn up ripe what I'd give to kill the whole herd - I never realized what it was
we had to (find/fight) then it all came around came crashing into the ground - so I look it straight in the
eye see my hand through the other side - shove it into the ground - there'll be a time when I'll be
around again - running time - spitting tunnels - roll me a smoke home suckers on the couch - roll me
up the hill into the ground - release the mush strand by strand slow hand - singed my brow trying to
hide from my godhead - this tower of leisure is a bloody holiday so the bastard pleads to a breath and
says release the vein - there'll be a time when I'll be around again - slow motion weasel teases my
stomach I need a helmet to smash my pain - it'll come once again heavy hand will crush the earth at
horns day inn - release the mush strand by strand my slow hand - should the monkey choose to swing
I'm sure it would thump me on my godhead - should the same old thing come around I'm sure the
feathered tongue will be the one to lick the weasel's leg


Landing on my back I paddle the ground for air like a turtle in the sun - staggering pilot travels light
bending loops into stairs - pinhuts passing out the dots - devils turn rounding off my back - sap towns
tugging screams the whistle in my head - ground to mound houses run like stitches sewn down the
street - tailors trying to taper me for a better pair of legs and they run down in streams (the seams) -
salivating molasses mind barely scratches the ditch from where he came hardly salvages any remains
just keeps bleeding nothing to be sized - we're all looking to be saved - red belly turtles under paid - and
I can't wait - just another cat that crawled upon the tiny shiny roof - they all said to me kill the cat -
all things all sides all standing still standing in a piss puddle that seeps into my shoes - I tuck this loop
and hole stuffed sick of turning simple buttons into buckles into ropes around my neck - Jesus swings from
a noose above your bed - clumsy tug-o-war under the soot sap tree but it all comes with a lifetime
guarantee - my lazy stumble into the wave of paper thin repetition - Jesus drags his cross just bleeding
hardly salvages any remains it's all to the feeding - these hog legs keep slapping my ears and I can't see
through the waves that they make - hog legs keep slapping my years

walking with your mother

Knee high in sand - he's setting it up for the kicks he's got the lego man legs he's going to kick like
this - sand stole the soul of another stole for nothing he's walking a one step plank - hang me over the
drowning mule on your way out - step over the fire don't let them take you over - you can't hang for
another - it's all time to the - steel pole in the sand soon became just another stick in the mud - he's
coming again I wonder now what he wants with a pocket full of sand - I'm not feeling too sure but I'm
still dragging behind the things that I protest - it's not getting through to me not this time - where is all
my time that genuine one hundred percent good old American fun - it's called time


Horse shed fell in killed my love (law) I found one eye made it into a paperweight it sits on my desk
watching me change seasons - I headed up to mainfield to see whose roof was caving in next - took a
while to notice that all the horses were staring at me - read is read but not understood - black planet in
a shovel over the back fence - black planet lovers in a race to kill themselves - black planet lovers
love staring through the hollow logs - 'tis a tallow valley that run dar blown - resting pool crawls to
the dry lips and how about the lip synch to the dry lips - reed is red but not understood - black planet
lover sinks with the hollow logs - no looking back no second chances one in the middle spins the
fastest stumble crash into some sort of something staying eventually unwanted - it is a shallow valley
that runs there below - carousel music plays never ending too bad the horses they are only half alive -
reid is red to the dry lip read is read

unicycle silencer

This is one - I spent my time under the well I gave it up to the rain man - I ran to London in a brazier
screaming red ones feathered ones diving straight down - I like the sound of the worms marching on
wheels - this sun has just one too many rings - I wouldn't give it up just for a ride I'm sticking ground
I'm not waiting for a break though the board looks dryer every day - saw the bull taking charge
lowered horns drove it in - the spoon can cradle the legs if you take it all in but I'm not holding the
crutch as the wheel barrel tips again - too many pennies to make good worth have gone down - given
up to the well -- silencer -- I still spend my time under the well now I gave my pennies up to the rain - I
ride a unicycle in the rain I can't balance the weight - I ride blindfolded naked on top of the train push
me off anytime - time slips away - feel like the clown painted tears and plastic eyes I know all noses
grow (and the water's all paper anyway) - there will be a sign when to move I'm the old arm bender
and I will move for you - as the icebergs follow the waves of sand we all fall in pieces - these days to
clean my skin I've got to punch the janitor and steal his arms and art away - tripping on the jack in my
head we're burning the mop in the brain - distilled selling vintage water - the suns in the gutter
simmering in backwash -- silencer -- sand they fill and fill - I have to shove before I pull -- time -- feel
the fill - I feel the balance but the tilt always turns to slide - how long 'til it'll all come again come
again and fill

horse sweat

I don't care if it's my last time I'm coming in dead or alive for free and I don't care if it's my last
time - because the last time was better than this last time was all just shovel and dig - got to head it up
for a run the bare back to the saddle is tired of being a clone - this horse kicked a mile high he wanted to
beat harder than the sun - there's no time to heal must first learn how to bleed - the un-nailed hoof
never came to a stall horses sweat but this one wasn't taught how to crawl he's staying dead or alive for
free - believe me nothing weighs more than free - he says - there's no time to heal must first learn how
to bleed - and I'm coming in belly down tied to my horse the short straw sleeps in my pocket - it feels
so good and I know it's there all the time - now before my day is done I'll have beaten on one thousand

paralyzed (dressing the kill)

I don't feel that I should move or even try to mutter a word I just feel that I am paralyzed - they're
satisfied to see that we would all hope to come back again - we would want it we would feel the need
and we couldn't wait - they wouldn't let us know they would keep it closed they would hold on to the
grain - do you feel paralyzed - and I don't feel that we could come back again - can you move can you
stand we'll let you heal in the closet - my hands are tied my eyes are held shut and my choices are
made - my head is bent back to my feet there is a spear in my side and I can't smell my blood to know
where I come from - not too far along - and I trust you to come forth to cut the seal to dress the kill -
they wouldn't let you know they would keep it closed they would hold onto the grain - before you let it
begin you've got to shave the skin peel the hair back and let it all commence - the grain makes up
everything it'll make up a whole lot more to keep you tuned in to keep you satisfied - and if you feel
paralyzed then you know that it's working you inside to keep you sucked in and mesmerized do you
feel paralyzed - and I don't feel we could come back again - there are slits in my eyes as the (flesh)
curtains rise it is warm and slow I will crawl inside - I will press your head to sleep - you will lie
downwind of your skin to know that they've captured your smell - but I can move

feeling bald

The kill - steering the mace dining with soil I burnt down the pyro and I feel good like a used tool - hold
the wing before my view turn your head just before I fall out - pigeon wing slaps me in the face felt
like a gypsy dagger - god's survival kit soon to get fixed but it takes too long to walk a mile when
waterhose seasons half a dive - feeling bald now I trust my cane this rusts been sold second hand-
feeling bald now I trust my cane - should last a lifetime or close to a thousand years - it's too cold man
but not past five hundred degrees - it's the crushman - I've got my whole left side to lean on and it leans
right on me but we get weaker as we drag along - hunger stepped on by my lungs - strange diver in a
holy time misses the scratching back but this time it's too much - dripping mailbox stains the ground
that crawls on my skin - crushman knows that I've got roots on my heels and he wants to steal them
away - stealing my weight - at one thousand I was slobbering and shaking at two thousand I was lost in
believing but I was still pumping blood at three thousand beneath - it's my seventh sea and I ain't
found no king where is the rule to glide me along on this long long row - these shallow leopards sank
and lost their spots - he's looking for a jump-start 'cuz he doesn't want to leave yet - crushing hand in
hand he's slipping in - sweaty brow - he's slipping in - dead dog blanket better burn


Could have been but then I don't want it I don't want a thing don't want to be wrapped up in the vein-
could of been in my hand could have been in the ground could have been anywhere but I don't want it -
could have been that I was too laid back - could have been a grave digger - but now I just fold paper
airplanes feels like I'm flying all the time - it happens all the time - wouldn't you just know snowballs
turn into mountains - blow me down blow me away - you'll seal - couldn't they all be silly gooses
lighting short fuses - like campfires under water spilling buckets of fire - it happens all the time -
wouldn't you just know snow balls turn into mountains - blow me down blow me away - you'll see

dirt on the flag mud on the wheel

Dirt on the flag mud on the wheel - he has no name he turns away - but you can't hide from the sky
believe me he has no name - it's time for the king to put the queen up upon his back and carry the load
but it'll weigh him down - so he drags her to the top of the wreckage where the burning flag is that he
once claimed falls to his knees and tries to pat it out - he cries "I have no name" - and so he turns his
back to the sun looks at his burnt hand and tells himself "I still have five" And so he punches himself
in the face - punches at the bottom of the sky - he sees people in the sky he doesn't question why he
knows the truth about his name - he hit the bottom of the sky - snowman begins to blister as the sand
man punches out of the hill - they're changing angles in my head they're turning over on me again - I
swallowed the mold I will never be the same king again - tin man's rusting to gold tin roofs only stop
the rain and everybody knows that gold can't rust - that's why we're all rusting to gold - but I don't want
to be gold - dirt on the flag mud on the wheel - it's all over the sky believe me he has no name 'cause
you can't hide from the sky believe me he has no name - and I said "I'll give you five gold rings not to
swing again" - the king sizes them up and punches himself again


shang vs. hanger

this new machine is beyond our sight it's lost in the headlines - it's buried beneath
your skin lost in the system. I can see the wires beneath his skin - shang wire like
hanger got bent around went full on machinery - stunned crew with iron set chivalry -
trampled coals in lessons - and I can still see the wires beneath his skin. I don't
want to supply nor feed the strip indulging in the surge - who's powered where and
to whom you can't be packered and fisher - you to whom - the hunted. what is the lesson
in this - bliss


this joy is built of fury been circumcised never felt so dead. I was micronized by the
founder of these games. he hasn't ground his teeth yet like I'm cutting clean. be float'n
outta here like some fuck'n dream. now after soak'n the bread milking to blood. how can it
get any worse or go on any longer. and if you burn where do you burn. I'll take what I
deserve cause I gotta get out. when do we get there and where are we now. I can't find a
landing deck for all my crashing jets. like I could burn my footprints as I ride the golden
rail. it kills all the things you love it's beating on your sore-spots and they know you
gotta bum leg. now it's trying to kill me. guess I'll just lay my body down. I'm on fire
as I test your water - and at this point anything feels good. with satellite eyes should
have put it through the back of his head. a soothing glide across the plains of a sunken
mars won't make it a short and easy dive. cause once the fear comes alive it tangles through
the atmosphere. to step outside and fill your lungs with air won't put you in the right cell
or erase the prison you've been in. it sits like water. it can divide yet it leaves a thick
residue behind. the bars get wider the space condenses and the membrane thins to one again.
just the same old place we've always been. filled with hate I long to be drug back.


build your battalion - set your distance - build your inventions - here stems the invasion -
try not to reach what is nor what was but just a handful to claim as yours - don't want to
extend don't want to know what I might leave behind - don't understand the prison inside us
all - step over me - our father dusting the crops as did chernobyl - does it keep us alive -
to bring on the new lathe - when you can't wash it off - you gotta keep it down - you can't
turn the wheel - you gotta escape the line - you gotta turn your self into something you
don't like - we've known it all along - and it's all or none - take it all at once - it's in
all of us - and we fight the wheel - it's this need to control - things will swell and except
us all - cramped beneath the rivet - the blood spills like a river - then flying without
wings - will get you put on the stake - they'd like to see you there - from inside this cement
nest I breed and I don't always like what I see - how they mark on me I don't know I can't
always invite what's in store - set up - shut down - it'll burn you out - you are the wheel


versatility is gone small and easy as a maggot to the core. growing is old news. soiled and
bitter sewn shut just filling up. water on the knees. what have I become - I saw you grass-
hopper at the tail end of a pack of wolves. trying to understand volume and being constantly
punctuated. handgrenades are glowing red my calluses have turned to steel - it's all too
glorious the want to kill. the hog is home no more spitting blanks. with the right amount of
money the bullets could be aimed for you. never had he thought that he could be dead. spoiled
sick your misfortune is grand. I'm sorry the aim is sharp. I'm on sick leave now. what have
I become. aqua-magnetic my lips breed violence. what have I become. looks pig-headed and
monstrous. what have I become. the handle is warm and I'm ready to bleed. sharp is as the
blade that it looks to be - that's what it looks like to me. synthetically grown handed ranks
in one slow fold. (cool flames ease the erupting core.) you have to stand there to know the
victim the septic idol. shot in the knees luckily synthetics can be sewn. nothing more than
mineral burning eyes bought out the end. saddle bags / shedding skin / dead is dead

the chief assassin to the sinister

it's out of my hands - been dismissed - the knife is on the ground - waiting for a hand -
like the mason walls himself in with nothing at the end of the day - it's a delicate situ-
ation and I'd rather not open (this) the blister - silently we all wait for the roof to come
crashing in - and somehow overruled has become and begun - I can't count the stitches from
and since it was severed - I can't count the victims in my head - never have I had a candi-
date so easily devoured not a faint drizzle of anguish - I have no real concern for my
consumers but I do prefer disassembly before the annihilation of these pro's of emotion -
what do you feel - it's out of my hands - been dismissed - the knife is on the ground -
waiting for a hand - what more could you want - only to forget - that this knife is on the
ground waiting for your hand


burning screens - our fisting hands - our drive to steer - when the ship comes in (you) the
goat is dead - 97 back hands - 32 flats (brisks) of sheet metal - 3 logs to the battering
ram - stressing me blind - 18 straightjackets and you can barely fit me into all of them -
(it's our fear) - not faucet / nor blood / nor drain / nor victim / just the indifference /
not circumstantial / nor a full load of lead / not shedding nor peeler / not wire nor switch -
dissension adjusting recollection to our powered fears - 97 -- 32 -- 3 -- blind -- where are
we now - that the goat is dead - 20 cans of mustard gas - an empty backyard - kids are gone -
the thinking tree with chrome leaves


it's a burning lamb running into the bushes - setting all aflame panicked to ashes - never
had a scapegoat just for the sake of slaughter just for the beauty of it - and I'm there -
it's all burning now - it's been too long - but this smiles strong - it's all in memory of
bloodshed this smile - well have my eyes moved maybe not yet on their own - and I'm digging
on your x as my teeth hit bone - it's no illusion that we're sucking brilliance from human -
it's time to fill the bags and count the tags till the name is given and the season decays -
outlanders been sterilized - welcome to come inside - and where's all your reasoning - we
just speak the language of fire - so immune - this is the torture king calling it quits -
spotlight - let's smoke them out of the cabin and leave if the snow don't kill them the
wolves will - we've done it all we will complete in days that are numbered - we'll never
let it ride - it's blasphemy in the devil's arms - the solution is immortal - the angel's
womb is bleeding and our hands are red - this hunger is curved only for moments till the
heart is empty and we are ready to fill again - just like home just a little more meat on
the bone - it's all in memory of bloodshed this smile - nothing left to influence me -
frontal lobotomy - and I'm digging on your x as my teeth hit bone - didn't want to hiber-
nate but I'm full of bristles - I revealed the wooden sticks that hold up this cement hell -
the view is far but the structure bends even when the weather's dead - like the two-headed
snake pulling from both ends - the marrow of depression eradicates movement - beautiful slug
my yard is green - the day is long the sun is hot - eat no expectations it's perfect - the
lonesome addiction - and yet it's time to leave the pasture is sucked clean - it's seasonal -
like I would fly - infinity - it's all for me - and the fire burns on - infinity


if it splinters should I know it's to be broken - it's not what I pictured things to be -
it's not what I meant to explode - I don't want to carry this on my shoulders - keep this
away - nothing's solid - nothing's saved - it's all in splinters - always numbers when it
should be broken - nothing's sacred - I don't want to see you go through the vital things
that they say - cause it's tearing you apart - and there's no excuses - for the traps that
they lay - nothing's sacred these days - didn't want to let them cut through to me - so
welcome me down into this - down here at the bottom it's dry and thin - so welcome me down
into this

midgaard serpent

I'm not the print on the cinch - in sections I fist - too much traction on the set of
reality - I feel today knows no pain - I've tested this formation 1000 times - and we
all struggle to feed the machine - 1000 times - many more will exceed the limits of this
false healing - it swells over - step hole crumbles and I find myself accepting that
it's over for me - shalom be the fire (fighter) underneath it all - 1000 times tested -
and still many more will exceed these limits - 1000 times - their visions for the masses
fall short of complete - we have yet to find a reason it all comes back to you - we are
the countless brooms cleaning up after these head-strong mules - we breath the freon that
allows this elation - it's revealing in the light

androsyn guardian

into the lunge - hesitance grasps my hand and pulls itself into my weapon - the easier it
gets the longer you stand - with survival - your hand is the sole ignition - stole breaths
beneath the gill - now you lay dressed in stitches with your metal skin in a dungeon called
atlantis one too many leagues down - should've left me abandoned in the sea absorbing all
the minerals to feed this dependence - should've cut the power cause now the silence breathes
even deeper - what a feat to swim breathless leagues in derision - and they gather around
to watch the sharks tear you apart it ain't up here this ain't where it's at - sworn in
stitches - underwater I sleep through the worst of it I sleep with honor under my tongue -
should I let you ride on the wings of my convulsions it's only electrical the wires can be
cut - smashing the lung - god is drinking fire and the devil's inside (in sight) - pillars
for ribs - bruises for fame - dollars for blood honor to corporate thieves - I hear machines
telling me not to live it don't make murder look so bad - sworn in stitches



to the call of man it cuts clean to the bone
is there something you'd like to mention
before we have to stand and wait it out
and I guess I should know by now
that it's just the way things will be
you are with the snake alone in a box
what I choose to reflect from I can't depend on
with this my fall is complete -- man overboard

TOKYO STATIC (son #8 inc)

it's been forty years since I've seen my son
is he worn down ----- fear Tokyo
oh my son how you've grown I'll soon be on my way
the craft is in the making we'll soon be on our way
over industry made from what you see
made from what you are -- they can make it there
I've seen them come undone
Tokyo static finds no remorse -- take it away
over fields that set them free
over the sea that turns into a tear drop
on the face of the earth
Tokyo static is there -- there for us
Tokyo static there's no control
there's no one home


it'll take some time before we take that ship


Here we are
Stuck by this river,
You and I
Underneath a sky that's ever falling down, down, down
Ever falling down

Through the day
As if on an ocean
Waiting here,
Always failing to remember why we came, came, came
I wonder why we came

You talk to me
As if from a distance
And I reply
With impressions chosen from another time, time, time
From another time


what is this crime that no one will say
made a stake took that claim but nothing will change
inside the poison river with the shores aflame
where all the vampires want to be on your side
but don't you worry it'll take some time
now these thoughts they stay with you as your feelings numb
and it's the same stake they drove in you but nothing will change
inside the poison river with the shores aflame
where all the vampires want to be on your side
but don't you worry it'll take some time
I wanted to believe it but I cheated to achieve it
nowhere truth is nowhere
what is this crime that no one will say
made a stake took that claim and nothing will change
from these eyes it's a poison river with the shores aflame
where all the vampires want to be on your side
but don't you worry it'll take some time
oh don't you worry no don't you worry
yes I wanted to believe it but I cheated to achieve it
you save my - you save it - you save all my lies
you save - you save it - you saved all your lies for me
nowhere truth is nowhere


way of the ocean

they slept for 12 hours across from the burning sea - the night will never let them go - way it's the way
of the ocean - way there's no way through the ocean - they reached for the same ladder and fell into the
waves that brought them there on the sea of red - I'd better stick to your advice - I'm only asking that you
hold the reins - on day one the wind stole their map - by day four we had bought a sword from the sky
can't see six feet - summer heat - can't breathe - I'm going west whether land or sea - by day nine no
land in sight and for years there's still no light and I'm going west whether land or sea - way when there's
a way through the ocean - I'll be living on an island by myself - I'll be surrounded by all my failed
attempts of escape - I'm just waiting for the ocean to freeze up on me - there's no way through the ocean

if you cross

curiosity calls the siren that turns you back again - these forces are not easy on you - they say focus and
choose - don't look don't watch too close - you might see what you want to find - and it ain't the answer to
what you had in mind - nowhere you go - nowhere to go - nowhere you go - this is what I sell - it's too
much he said I'm too far in debt - I need a clear way to be weaned of you - it's an unsteady leaf you cross
- there's still unseen cold sorrow and grief - there's nothing to show - this is what I took fortitude to
wean me off you - though I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen - don't rely on me to follow you down - I
fill my hands - I fill myself - I need an end to the siren

the year of no light

I stopped believing what's inside of me - I was set on taking everything and making waves destroying the
day - the world around went dark I saw it disappear as the colors turned gray - oh oh oh oh - I'll play the
devil - you can be the light - you can save me from the sea - where I'll be the devil - you can play the
light - they took the best of us and sent it on - now we search to fill that void - the world around was
dark I saw the light appear just as I turned my head - the waves --- the waves -- can you stand the waves -
cause you know I'll be gone so long - I've been living with your devil too long and I've been living with
these eyes closed - the world around was dark I saw - I was floating in the salt and sun for a year -
starting to fade I felt you pull me aboard - I opened my eyes to see the world I'd left behind - and it
became so clear


Bolivia's burning down tonight - down by the cove it's the way you called them over the cliff - step from the
fort we'll be there - down by the tollway you tried to call me away when I've seen what it means to them -
you can say you warned them to stay down tonight - but I can't wait - are you down for the ride or will you
crawl back before they die - sympathy is tied to the ground - cause sympathy now is not what they need --
whether rise or fall -- remain - Bolivia's burning it's burning down tonight -- (in memory of Ernesto Che Guevara) --

kill the race horse

he swam for 28 days and 12 nights of rain - you sent me your fear on a thousand waves - and if I could
walk (my legs) - can't you see them burning over and over - and this ain't no tragedy (travesty) - across the
land of broken hearts - (from) what you're caught in between - forever always - and is this what you came
home for did it satisfy the quest - cause in the end no one loses no one wins - the horse is old the horse
is tired but are you with him - he swam for 28 days and 12 nights of rain - intrepid saviors they lie still
at the end - and is this what we came home for did it satisfy the quest

eastern wave

this is for the days that I fear - this is for the way my legs fold - this is for the days that I feel too
close to my home - from that start it's easy to say they want it all but they won't change and still they
remain chained I've seen the dead walk - and miles away our plans to be replaced seem so clear and they
remain fastened and chained to this anthem and to that view - at least I'm brave - on an eastern wave -
through the western grave - I could sift through what's left - keep it fresh to let it sting - and just when
you thought to leave this crass season fell - it's a legend of fire and pain - where then were sharp teeth -
I can't imagine all the things you say you've seen - with too many eyes on the door - there's too many hands
in the jar - and miles away our plans to be replaced seem so clear and they remain fastened and chained to
that view - I've seen the dead walk


don't slide away if you want it - you can taste it on your tongue and you know it - but all things aside
you're losing control of your mind if you let it - you listen but what do you hear - you look but you cannot
see - don't avoid the sign that it's coming - cause you can feel it in the air and you know it - we can
taste it in the water and it's moving - all around the world and we're just waiting - but nothing you say
that could make me feel why I shouldn't ruin you ya I oughta ruin you - you believe but there's nowhere to
stand - you feel but that it's too late - don't slide away - you know they want you to go so far their way

mending king

they said they'd pay for an even decay - across the landslide of our sacred crest - even though they're alive
there's no time for the mending king - is this painful how luxuries slip and if this is forgiveness they're
sure to dilute the scent - given time to seal - where they've gone a dry lake remains - and here the sky
cast no truth but that that is ours - even summer would be better than this - for the mending king - but I
keep up hope for a better reason - I left it there for you to dismantle - when born in fleets the ladder
leans - given time to seal (it will reflect us all) - and here the sky cast no truth but that that is ours

city of bones

city of bones - city in ruins - the village labyrinth - it'll take you there - like china in the water - and
still attached to the sea - like china in the water - city of bones - keep the censor on - sweep the village
clean - it'll take you there - this one so coy - they're void of seam - they'll find a storm for every one -
this is the last of the fog - the swarm of bees that surround your fasting heart the last of the echoed
streets - the standing back - the last of the empty lots to face these great plans - to leave home - I am
the last to know - away from the burning towers - and where are you

south (the opera circle south)

amongst the ghosts there is a secret to life - over buildings they brought to you their souls of the dead -
could volcanos lie so still - I could never replace you - no matter how many times I kill you - you find
these ways to live through the end - all of them pushed to the side - in the sands - I was cut from that
seed - that's why I am blind - and I'm not saving for that day and I don't care who reigns - in my grave
I'm showered by these things you cover - in my grave the shadows pin two houses wide - it's overwhelming
how they want it all back - the devil's always red - do you see - from a city inside the earth as outside
volcanos cry my brother I must kill - now I see - to win the game - on a sure foot - all of them - in the
sands - and I was cut from that seed - that's why I am blind - and I'm not saving for that day - and I don't
care when it rains - the southern fever calls to the opera circle south

glitter wave

red sea - red tide - black liver - glitter wave - I'm on the glitter wave - it's not for me
black channel - silver dreams - white will freeze as red needs to believe - realize up on the cold front -
from a dead spring now a lava sheet - swarm school deliver - I'll stay where time stands and channel relief
- are we all aware of what we see inside?

longest day

she said I'm the one who painted out the stars in the sky - they say it's all the same a spring to drink of
or bounce back from - they say I don't believe in no one but I just don't think they understand - cause it's
the right time to leave - as this becomes the longest day that I know - and it's the right time to fall - I
must be leaving on this day - on the same train that brought me here and if I was to say all's been great
well I think you'd know the truth - cause it's so hard to leave - as this becomes the longest day that I
know - it's when all things must close - you gave all these things and you made all of them ----- vanish
away --- you made all these things and you gave all of them to -- vanish away ---

one false eye

I feel ashamed to show no grace - I feel all sides cave in on me - I wait my turn - I wage no war - through
the crowd he walks with nowhere to go and there's nothing there to show with one false eye - forcing him
to miss - and in the end what will he see - with one false eye - on beyond the pitch of night he walks till
something new starts - when free to fall I am no more - when I feel the descent start in on me - I'll
wait my turn - then wage my war - on a ship through the snow he will go and when he loses sight one day
he will return just a little taller - with one false eye - and in the end will he see that things are not
what they seem - one false eye -forcing him to miss - for seconds in the day one false eye - one false
move - one day he will return

The Ur-Quan Destroyer

At the top of the hill they don't know their own strength
Squeezing silver 'till the eagle screams
Circulation is tortured and mutilated
Deformed and bolted down in steel brackets
When there's space between your gears,
You move slow away from suffocation
Oiled down it's meant to ride low

Remember when you could live off dad
in his mud castle at the bottom of the fault line
Life-o-suction - fierce and hungry was to be the motto
Building a revolution with toothpick and glue
Now working the sore arm into a numb confusion of constant mode,
Afflicting the muscle to further strengthen the dexterity of the worker
You gotta let them be - senseless - penniless
Everything they want you to be
Melt your skin stunt your growth

vux intruder #3

been tightening the leash for some
good years now. bet you'd like to see
it like to see it shine. like the
look in the monkey's eyes as he's
climbing these walls, climbing these
white towers.

in the land of fire and ice I'm a liar
but I'm alive - liar...legs of
ice...like the iron cross that crushes
your glass skull

it's dozens of soldiers praying
(preying) it's a legion of these
miners (minors) burrowing

I lie in the ocean bleeding at this
reception sharks are feeding. like
this monkey's learning to suffer
realizing that these walls aren't
gripped for the hands of cowards.

this divine crown

you feel your way - you wear it well - hey save it hey bring back life - cause this
is what I found - and this you say - this is what I bring to you - bring back life - I
swear I wish I could see it open - this divine crown - I never realized what I sold
to you - $$$ but you just buy it up $$$$$ - divide divine it's safe to say it - $$ you
watch yourself $$$ - you walk in the light - though the dark don't - it don't bother
you - you wear it well - and if even just for a while to let it sink in - should I
know to avoid that crown??

the open sided

leave it open - when is it safe to set a course - the way we fail life goes on and
throughout these days it seems we get easier to please - and if this is what we've
finally made after all these years - leave it astray - leave it all open - it is safe to
set a course - it's the day of the ghost - you're way off course - though we move we
slouch - seems we get easier each day and if this is what we've finally come to
believe after all these years - thanks for believing in what I brought to you - thanks
for the walls - the chutes - the blown tubes - thanks for the blue prints

mercury sentencing (piano plus)

they found water beneath the skin
and when they surfaced on a deep red orange
it was to breathe the poison air
if I cut you would you bleed for me
it makes sense to me it's the kind of love I need
the land's been covered in blankets of snow
and it's not persuading that I need
(more bleeding stuff)
I want it white and through the coma
we reach sound guess I'll stay today
guess I'll remain the fool for all to see
and now that it's over we sure know what
they'll say they can't wait to rub it in
you'll see (bleeding more stuff)

the magistrate (piano minus)

today they wrapped me up in ribbons and
bows to see what they want - I lie so still
over the sea and off the edge of the world
running wild a fire in the sea coming from
where you are - fear comes over a search for
control before you change again - this is
your magestry - this is our wreckage -
for all to see - everything we've made
this is our wreckage - this is your magestry
and here it unfolds - this is
our wreckage and we watch it sail on - and it
moves so slow so cold - this is your magestry
running wild a fire in the sea you're free of

red sensing

I flee and I fled - amongst the red glare - there's no sense to this - from the way I see it - but I
shot this man - and I flee and I fled - amongst the red glare - you stand out and alone to watch
the storm - you find a cold desert to call your home - sensing red you wonder - hoping never to
mesh but to play the stain -- x ray status control -- would you hold its hand - would you let it
ride - I've seen a power out for some thirty miles - flee - flee - fled - you walk side ways ---

sewn to our side

shields rule our day just like they told you - to forget no one they won't let you, we've got them
sewn to our side - with the target frozen - we hang the grey cloud always over - we constantly
retrain our selves - over swollen backs where no trade with nun in mind - nothing gives - we
walk on our toes and dig in our heals

the approach

I might find some old ghosts - I might fly to a new
host - in this world there's no way - I take
the blame - I trade this face - if it feels
like ice - 7 miles away - there's no way
at a cold distance - I'm afraid of the ice
I follow the tracks - on through the haze
are you afraid today - 7 miles away
a forest of snow - taken to this depth
what they might find - for every dream that
passes their way they'll find a hole
they looked around to see some place that
they could stand but they couldn't it was
dream like a straight line through this space
it's just this phase - with every dream that
passes their way they'll find a way to steer
their hearts - I'll take this phase - it's
just a place to rest - for every dream
that passes their way - when they looked
around to see the ground to stand but they
couldn't find they realized it
was dream like ---------

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