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YMD Subject
200012? X'mas Dinner Show Schedule
20001115 Akina's recent TV programs
2000228 Millennium Concert Schedule
1999128 New Single + Album
1999128 Apologizing mails from NAPC and Alteracion
1116 "Heartful Aid" brief info
1114 Gauss and Akina
226 Akina got flu and broken ribs
1998831 Charity Concert in HK / Single "Tomadoi"
719 Dinner show and New drama (not detailed yet)
78 Akina's conversation in a radio program
78 Single "Kon'ya nagareboshi", Album "Regeneration"
214 "Kisei" appeared in LD Karaoke
211 Akina's Best + "Kisei" telephone service
125 Drama and Stalker
12 Recent news
1997125 The Dinner Show in Hakata and Tokyo
125 The press conference of "Tumetai Tuki"
121 Akina's comments for the drama "Tumetai Tuki"
1123 Akina's Lover
1123 Dinner Show and N.Y. Tour
1113 Drama "Tumetai Tuki"
929 Injury wasn't serious
923 Live Video "Felicidad"
92 Recent Akina
829 Commit suicide again!?

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