Negoro Yu

 Born in Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture. After graduating from a two-year college, worked in fashion industry. After changing jobs
many times, now works as an editor for film and video. In 1998, made three short documentaries about eating disorder. Yurayura, Fake Love Affair, and Empty. Continues to make documentaries dealing with dependency disorders and gender. Has suffered from eating disorders for nearly eight years, since she was 20, but has now mostly recovered. Her latest work, Then, She Closes Another Eye has been chosen to be screened at Japan Panorama Program of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2001.








Place of comfort Place called India in Japan Favorite food Melon like bread, Uilo-of Toraya, Pear Respects...Grand-ma, S.Stalone Favorite Directors Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Haruo Mizuno, Mamoru Oshii Favorite Films Siberian Express, The Shining, Mobile Police Patlabor2, JSA,The Man Who Stole the Sun Natural Enemy Activists who has a tendency to commit sexual harrasment when drunk Loves... talking with many people, free-market, travel with "sishun-18 ticket"(one day free ticket that gets you anywhere in Japan via local train for about 2000yen) I am good at ... Go through the ticket gate like a wind





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