You can study Chinese in Penghu-IslandYou can study Chinese(Beijing language) in Taiwan
Let’s study Chinese abroad in Penghu Peninsula, Taiwan

Let's study Chinese in Penghu Islands, Taiwan・ Taiwan one month period of study

If you would like to study Chinese abroad, we strongly recommend you to come to Penghu Islands, Taiwan (R.O.C). Here, there is a Chinese Language School, "AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER".Taiwan one month period of study. A lot of foreigners come to the school to take a short-term Chinese course. Of course, the official language in Taiwan is Chinese (Mandarin). Therefore, it is acceptable for people who are interested in taking a two-month Chinese course, even more or less. The key feature of the way we teach at our school is a one-on-one course or two or three students as a group. Of course, our school provides many lodgings with the modern facilities in a low price, like air conditioners, bathrooms, televisions, and the Internet. Without time-limitation for enrolling our school, it's acceptable for students who want to study Chinese abroad in any time. From now on, it is more popular that foreign students take a three-month course at our school.
AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER is located in Taiwan, Penghu-Islands with 448 kilometers coastline, 90 islands. Here, For foriegn students, it certainly can be the most unforgettable experience in their lives. Here, this Island is abundant in natrual resources such as azure sky, white clouds, blue sea, and golden-shining Sand, beaches here surround this beautiful Island, Penghu. Each sceneries where are unique and closely parallelling with other world-class and famous travelling points.In Penghu, you might take Chinese coure as many as you want. Penghu is the place where is the international toursit resort between Taiwan and Mainland China, of course, as the key position where is located in middle of Taiwan strait, from all of the capital cities in Asia, it is in the cirle of the flights with four hours. According to the polls in Taiwan, Penghu Bay is a pleace to be selected as in top five to enhance the quality of life for Taiwanese. From downtown of Makung to fishing village, everyone is always filled with a big smile to tourists. Therefore, Our school is located such as this enviroment we metioned above.
AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER was founded in 2004 by a Japanese who teach Penghu-people Japanese in Penghu.
Over time, it grew from a Japanese school to the several languages school.But the scale of the school is very small. Becauseof small scale bring us several profit. And many things are provided already such as a bicycle for free, the television, the refrigerator, the washing machine, and the air conditioner, and so forth. Therefore, neither the problem of the room, traffic, and the Internet. Small is the unique in our school, so no matter what the course for group or the one-on-one, we assure that our students will be satisfied in professionally and in low price
The fee of lodgings exampe of bills
The fee is 15 dollars a day for a single room. But if you want to share a room with another one, it costs each of you 10 dollars per day. Of course, as the summer (June 1st - September 30th) is coming, the fee of the electricity must go higher if all the air conditioners are in use, so that it will cost all of the students more 15 dollars each month. It is ten dollars per hour for one-on one Chinese course. Rather, it is five dollars per hour for the group course. The arrangement for class or room will be sometimes readjusted if the situation is changed. For example, perhaps the Chinese teachers are not enough, or the Chinese ability of our students are different so that we need to make a little change even it's sometimes different from students' expectation.
Eight Chinese Teachers
English language is allowed here. Miss PAN and the Mr. JIANG were the English teacher. Miss CHEN and Mr. XIE are graduated from Foreign Language College.
You can study Chinese abroad in Penghu Peninsula, Taiwan
CENG-jia in Wangan-island
You can study Chinese abroad in Penghu Peninsula, Taiwan
You can study Chinese abroad in Penghu Peninsula, Taiwan
Penghu,With an extraordinary geographical location, for example
Island possesses an extraordinary life experiences!
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Address------128-2 Hsinming-Load Magong-City Penghu-Pref.TAIWN(R.O.C.)
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