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Teddy Bear Club(The year 2012: April.2012 to March.2013 Teddy Book Club
Tutors: Hannah, Jackie(for Sub), Harumi
Monday 4:00-5:00pm(Child and Mom)
Monday 5:30-6:30pm (2nd, 3rd grade)
Monday 6:40-7:40pm( Junior High School)
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Teddy Bear Club Lesson Diary

Teddy Bear Club History(Under construction)                               
1994-1997 Mothergoose Club
1998 Primary1
1999 Kid & Mum /Kinder / Primary1 / Primary2
2000 Kid&Mum / Kinder / Primary1 / Primary3
2001 Baby&Mum / Kid&Mum / Kinder / Primary1 / Primary2 / Primary4
2002 Baby&Mum/ Nursery / Kinder / Primary5&6
2003 Nursery / Kinder / Primary1 / Primary2&3 / Primary4-6
2004 Nursery / Kinder / Primary2 / Primary3&4 / Primary5- (Under construction)
2005  Toddler/Nursery/Kinder1/Kinder2/Primary2/ Primary3/ Primary5/ Kids
2006  Toddler / Kinder2 / Kinder3 /Primary1/ Primary3 / Primary4 / Primary 6 / Kids
2007  Toddler/ Kinder3/Primary/ Primary2/ Primary3/ Primary4/ Primary5/ Kids
  2008  Toddler/Kinder2/Primay1/Primary3/Primary4/Primary5/Kids
  2009  Toddler/Kinder3/Primary2/Primary4/Primary5/Primary6/Kids

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