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NZ tour 2001 August with the articles in Asahi newspaper(below mentioned)

world 7's final memo


2001 Guam10 tour report from bulliten board

Mr. Ueda Masashi = Mr. Uematsu who was a coach of ZBRFC at it begininig stage. from Denenchoufu Highschool rugby football club. from the same club, Mr. Inoue, was a captain for three years at the first year of the club.
MR.Ohmagari, gentle and good coach. Dr. Toyama, dentist centerbuilding.
Z.B.R.F.C. Image The first and the last character cartoon of our ZBRFC ever. Ball on the right hand, Beer on the left,wearing sunglass!!!!! designed by Mr. Takeuchi(enthusiathtic fun of Actor Mr. Tetsuya Watari, famous gang star in Yakuza movie) He joined a secret society in the club, called Sanyu kai, consist of other two members, Mr. Fujita elder, and Mr. Miura. Mr. Fujita elder, well known as elder brother of mamushi-snake brother in Chofu, selected Tokyo highschool boys as a winger. (Mr.Masanori Fujita younger, hozen highschool, Senshu Univ. firstly beated Waseda Univ. as a NO.8. In his Univ. days called "DRAGON", now looks like Taka of Tunnels. Mr. Miura, once upon a time very slim flanker.
Story of Zenkai Beers RFC
Ornament old time on the oficial first jersy, exhibited at Ponsonby club.

Enjoy Ruby by watching, practicing and playing.

Ryokusei-en RFC and ZBRFC will have their
first joined tour to New Zealand on August in 2001!!!!!!!! To assist them, we prepare a number of articles here, if you have any interests in, please feel free to contact us.

Synopsis of this tour(Japanese)

News paper article Asahi Ryokuseien RFC to NZ

30 Years history of Ryouseienn RFC from Asahi newspaper

Ryokuseien old boys team report on Asahi Shinbun

Ryokuseien was introduced on Asahi news.

Ryokuseien 7's tournament report
Charitable goods

Practice schedule
Yotsuya Ground at Sophia Univ. Yotsuya PM 6:30-8:30

Fitness stage at Sendagaya、start at PM 7:30, every Wednesday

April 6, 2001. Tokyo metropolitan club tournament opening ceremony
April 8, 2001 start first round


1. Put your boots on and your mouthguard in !!!!

2. Rugby, it's a game for all, whatever your shape, speed or skills.

What is ZBRFC
Icon name
Zenkai Beers RFC 
Icon to what should be
Long long ago, we were eager to play rugby as a professional player. wanted to get sponsorship to drink beer more.
Icon Members' age
from 18 to 60 
Icon When started
on Feb.15, 1977
History of 1977-1988
Icon Wanted
we welcome member,sponsorship, assistant,supporter at any time.  
Icon where it's started
Bar in Tokyo, firstly would like to register "BEERS" as our club name, but other has already registered as BEERS. Changed to Zenkai Beers, Zenkai means full throttle in Japanese. 
Icon Practice and Game
Practice at Yotsuya Ground of Sophia Univ. in the evening, Games on Sat.or Sun.
Icon Favorite pastime
Old boys: theory of the rugby football. Youngstars: drink with young girls. Most of the members have few friends. 
Icon Characteristic points
Each individual member must call up our answer-telephone to confirm the schedule.  
Icon Tours?
Hong Kong twice,NZ,AUS. Received twice from Hong Kong.
CAPTAIN'S NOTICE2000Captain Yamamoto's GAHOO Game memo tiny memo on the game, domestic and 
super12 etc.

Image Ryokuseien tour to Tokyo1996
Leaflet fo the game。
member list of the game

・ponsonby club
・practice doom of ponsonby
・eden park
・NZ vs Scots
・ponsonby vs univ.
・Mr. Imazeki
・Haka, vs Scots
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