Sandie Flew to Japan


Puppies were born in March, 1998 in TN, USA.

You are th friend of Sandie!


ID : yoshi7

I live in Nashville, TN. As my sister in Tokyo, Japan wants to get a Labrador puppy
from U.S., we helped her to import a puppy from U.S.
We found a Lab breeder using internet and visited them.

They had two litters of pups which were born the second week of March.
It was not decided until the end of April which puppy belonged to us.

The breeder sent us e-mail attached with photos of puppies every week.
They gave us the permission to load the photos on my Homepage.
My sister and her family can see the puppy every week.

This puppy (S-back) is decided to belong to us. (April 29, 1998)
We named her Beaver Creek's Sandie.

Sandie came to our home, Nashvill, TN on May 12

Sandie on May 14, 1998

Sandie on June 28, 1998

Sandie flew to Japan on July 6, 1998.
She finished quarantine period on July 24 and is in my sister's home.

Sandie on August 9 in Tokyo.
She got accustomed to her family now.
She is 48 pounds on August 20.


(March, 1998)
One day old
March 22
one week old
March 29
two weeks old
April 5
three weeks old
April 12
four weeks old

April 19
five weeks old
April 25
six weeks old
We visit puppy
May 12
eight weeks old
Sandie came home
May 12 - June 12
8 - 13 weeks old
June 13 - July 5
13 - 16 weeks old
April 25
Puppies' Parents
When we visited them.

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