Red Ogre and Blue Ogre Japanese Online Picture Novel

sunrise Long,long ago, beyond the woods, through the forests and the pass, in the deep mountains of Japan, there lived a 'Aka-Oni',a red Ogre and 'Ao-Oni',a blue Ogre. The red Ogre liked human children very much and he was always thinking about how he could make friends with them everyday.
R.O: I'm a very kind and mild person. Why don't you come to play with me at my house? If so, I'll serve you nice sweets and tea or juice.
B.O: Hey,Aka-Oni. Do you want to make any friends with human children so much?
R.O: Oh, yes. I do want to make friends with them.
B.O: If so, well, I have a good idea. Come here. (He whispers.)
Red Demon R.O: Yes?
B.O: So......
R.O: Yes.
B.O: Do like this.
R.O: Yes!
B.O: Like this.
R.O: Yes, yes. (He smiles.)
B.O: Do you understand? OKay,let's go to take a bath. (He also smiles.)
A few days later,the children were playing in the forest.
Children: Come to me for hide-and-seek, for hopscotch. Touch this finger if you want to join, and there are many things to play like juggling beanbags, cat's cradle and so on. Come on everybody. Let's play, shall we?(They are singing and dancing.)
B.O: Woo! Woo! Woo! Be quiet Kids! Move away! It is time I took an exercise. One, two, three, four. Woo! Woo! Woo! Five, six, seven, eight, Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
Children: Help us!
Blue Demon R.O: Woo! Woo! Woo! Wild blue orge! Stop exercise at once, otherwise I'll do like this. (He beats.) One, two, three, four. Hit! Hit! Hit! Five, six, seven, eight, Hit! Hit! Hit!
B.O: Woo! I'm sorry. Strong red ogre. I'll never do it again. Forgive me.(He runs away.)
R.O: Feel safe, children. The bad ogre no more. He went far away, went far away.
Children: Thank you,Aka-Oni. You defeated the bad orge. You are strong and kind. Let's play Aka-Oni. Please be it in Hide-and-seek and say, "Are you Okay?" (They hide.)
children R.O: Are you Okay?
Children: Yes, of course.
(They are playing and the first star appears in the sky.)
Children: The first star begins to shine. It is time we go home. Good night Aka-Oni. See you tomorrow. Good night, everybody. See you tomorrow.
temple R.O: Everybody went home, went home. I enjoyed it very much. Good night, children. See you tomorrow. Good night, everybody. See you tomorrow. (He waves his hands.)
Well, I wonder what the blue ogre is doing. I'll meet him. (He finds a letter on the ground.) Oh, my God. Here is a letter. (He reads it.)
sunset Letter: Dear Aka-Oni,If it is known that you are a friend of bad blue ogre, children run away from you. So I'll never meet you. I'll go far away alone. I hope you'll get along with the children. Good-Bye.
R.O: Oh, he went away. Ao-Oni went away. He was a wonderful friend, but he went away, went away.
They never met each other again. (corrected:2002/8/14 remake:helped by Mazuka and Itaya)


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