Click-clack Mountain Japanese

badger Long, long ago there lived a kind old man and his old wife in a village. A crafty raccoon lived in the mountain and annoyed them with much mischief. The old man could bear no more and decided to catch him.
The old man succeeded in catching the raccoon, but he was so clever that he cheated the old woman and let her untie the rope.
"Dear Mom,I'll never trouble you any more. I promise to help you from now. So please let me free."
But as soon as he was set free, he hurt her severely.
"How foolish you are!"
The old woman died from the pain.
rabbit A rabbit,which lived in front of the house, knew this and decided to revenge the raccoon for the old woman's death, because the old woman had been kind to her.
She asked him to gather firewood and let him carry it on his back.
"Dear Raccoon, I am a rabbit of the front mountain. I love you so much. Please help me gather fire-wood and carry it to my house."
On her way home she set fire to him without being noticed. 'Click-Clack!'went the fire! He got burnt on his back so severely.
Next day, she cheated him and applied red pepper to the burn on his back instead of ointment.
"Dear Raccoon,I am a rabbit of the middle mountain. I love you so much. I'll cure you of your burn."
raccoon The next day, she cheated him very well and invited him to go fishing and let him make a boat made of mud.
"Dear Raccoon, I am a rabbit of the rear mountain. I love you so much. Don't you want to eat fish? I'm small, so I'll make a boat of wood. You are big, so you must make a boat of mud."
The crafty raccoon in the mud-boat sank in the river."Help me..." He was drowned to death. (2001/9/7 Remake helped by Dave and Music by Mazuka)

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