Red Demon and Blue Demon/A Crane Lady/Peach Boy/The Old Man who made Cherry Trees Blossom/One Inch Boy/A golden Boy/The Clever Monkey and the Bear/Tanokyu/Buy a Dream/Click-Clack MOuntain/Fishing with a Tail/The Girl who ate a Baby/Sparrow and Woodpecker/Contest in Height between two mountains/Urashima Tarou Six Little Statues/A sleeping Man/Mujina/The Man who broke Wind/A wise young man goes to the sky/A sparrow with her tongue cut/Monkey vs Crab/A snow lady/A bamboo Lady/A Badger's Bill/ A fire Boy/A straw/Millionaire/A snail millionaire/A duck Hunter/ A Lady Ghost/A Salt Mortar/The God of Poverty/A Bean rolls down/Suzu Princess/A gift from Heaven/I am afraid of Manju/999 stairs/A golden Camellia/A golden ball of a snake/Wrestling of Rats/A treasure Bridge/Wedding of a Mouse/The marriage of Kappa/The Goddess of Mercy A Tiger in Paper wall/Another Urashima/A Magical Amulet/A Brave Rabbit/The twelve years of Animals/A longlong Name/Poisonous Food/Demon in Happiness out/Silence is No use/The old man who became a baby/A badger and a Snail/An owl and a crow/Singing Skelton/Melon Princess/Wife in a picture/
Japanese Nightingale/A lady who broke wind/Kyoto frog and Osaka frog/A Ladybird/Treasure Clogs/Three Merchants/A beautiful wife from the sea/A man who has a sharp nose/A sutra of Mice/A Mysterious Drum/A priest and his boy/The Moon and a Rabbit/A Dirty Boy/A huge tree and a young lady/ Riddles of Ghost/A Funny Letter/A Giant Cancer/A Mirror from Mother/Monkey Millionaire/Rain Drop/A tortoise that flew in the sky/Dragonfly Millionaire/A Lucky Hunter/Why is a Carrot red?/A Red Hood/The Great KIng of Emma that likes Plays/An Ant and a Bee/An Egg of Ghost/A Monkey and a Jellyfish/ A Dragon's Son/A Dog and A Baby/A Cat in Boots/Two Brothers/Three Sisters/A Centipede and HIs Fellows/Monkey Statue/The Old are Cleverer than The Young/The Eight Heads Snake/Daimajin/Why a Bean has a Black Stripe/An Eyelash of Fox/Seven Gods/The marriage of Snake/A Wife Who Eats Nothing/ I Know Everything/The Sun and A Mole/The Lord Who likes Old stories/Raccoon's TeaKettle/One Eye Old Man/The White Hare in Inaba/The Wild Grapes/Dish Castle/The Silk Lady/The Last Word of Cat/The Frog Wife/Saint Priest KOBO/Snake and Mole/The Dumpling/The Mother of Cat/The Cow's Marriage/The old men under the PIne tree/Dragon/Princess/The Man who became a Horse/The Mountain Monster and Disciple/The Turtle that Lays Gold/Fox & Raccoon & Hare/Thousands of Wolves/The Fox and a Man/Three Boys and the Demon/The Sparrow's Gourd/Tengu's Gourd/The Bamboo Girl/Fox and Bear
Cow's Marriage/The Old men under the Pine Trees/Fox & Raccoon & Hare/Thousands of Wolves/The Fox and a Man/Three Children and Demon/The Sparrow's Gourd/Tengu's Gourd/Bamboo Girl/A Fox and A Bear/The Spring of Sake/ A Man with a Tree on his Head/Tanuki Raccoons at Moonlit Night/Omusubi Rolling Down/It's Unbelievable/Frog and Snake/Transform Yourself into a frog/kitchen Boy/A Charcoal Maker/The Pine Trees visit Ise Shrine/Fleas can be Medicine/Mito Komon/The Wierd Rock/What are you fishing/Maid Crabs A Lute Priest without ears/Three Storng Men/Plum Boy on the Ogres' Island/Child-Eating Cave/Carpenter and Oniroku/A Hearty Present/The Golden Ax/Yositune/Soga Brothers/The Brothers,a Foolish and a sly one/The Protective Deity of a Home/Shrewd Doctor/Voices from a Gravestone/Tiger and Fox/ Fox's Revenge/What Time is it now?/The Happy trio/Yuriwaka Legend episode1/episode2/episode3/The legend of Lord Sheep/A Cow Led a Woman to Zenkoji/Rashomon/A Hardworking Man/Stupid Brother/The Old Red Rice Bowl/Mountain Witch's Cloak/Clever Daughter
Old Man's Horse/Oshichi<love>/Oshichi<Death>/Who is in the Mirror/A Golden Folding Screen/Leaking tub/A great Buddha saved a priest/Am I the God of Mercy?/Poison/The Ogre who lost her beloved son/Two Wives/Two Daughters/Two Priests The Three Dwarf Trees/A Girl with a Bowl on her head-misfortune-/The Cave in the Heaven/The Double Suicide at Sonezaki/The Flower Girl/The Ungly Man/Shibahama/The Birth of Shining Prince/A Restaurant that has many orders/The Letter From the Goddess/The Man who came beck from the hell/Spider's thread/Tosisyun/ Tosisyun2/sansyo/onatusu/sanma/zeninowa/Three spirits1/Three Spirits2/The First visit to the Tenjin-Shrine/The Pirate Priest/The priest who jumped into a river/white dog1/white dog 2/Star Festival/The lyre in Burma(part 1)/ Flower Wife/Ghost Fall/The God in the North/The Sunrise Millionaire/Grudge and Obligation/The Exchanged Bride/A Fire on the Hill/Won't get sick from Rain/The Ameplosis and the Rainbow/The Frogs/The Ogress in Adachigahara/Gauche the Cellist 1/Gauche the Cellist 2/Gauche the Cellist 3/A Bowl of Kake-soba/A Story of Tiger/
Three Pots and a Greedy Man/To buy Gloves/The Drunken Ogre/Spring in Fields,Spring in Mountains/The Brother Gods/Reformed Thief/the Story of O-Tei/The Ship Ghosts/Run, melos1/melos2/melos3/A Bowl of Kake-soba(Part.2)/A story of tiger/Shooting Stars/The Story of O-sei/ gold body/The mysterious boy/A Story of a fly/The Hill of the Thunder/The Carp in the Dream/he Red Dragonfly/The Red Candle/The Red Fish and Boys/The Broken Promise/The Four Forests/The Undutiful Daughter and the Dutiful Daughter-in-law/The Sightseeing of Festival/crow and a scarecrow/The Dog and Flute/ Shark-man's Tears/Naked Laborers/rat and Black kite/lonely Fox1.2/The God who likes Children/The daughter who was incarnated as a sheep/The Tulip Bud/The Nursemaid Cherry Tree/A Fox on a Lion/The Late-Riser Potato/The Gift from Thunder/The Paper Rain Doll/A Dead Secret A Story on a Wife/A Hare's Story/ The Nose/Cinderella/In the Bush1.2.3・The man who dropped a wallet and the other man who picked it up/The Monkey and Five Samurais/The Lady in the Screen/A Hammer/The God of Death/Three children and two apples/
THe Next World of a Lazy Old Man/The Woman who lost her husband/Ambre/The Birthday of a Goose/A Princess and a Beggar/Mr.frog and Elepant and A Mouse/A Cowherd and an Elephant/The Snail's Grief/A Crab's Barber/The story of a priest who abandoned his son and helped his mother/Lady Bandit/The King and a Shoemaker/The Sixteenth cherry Tree/The Tower of Babel/
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Lists of "Old Stories of Japan"


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