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crane lady 1 Long, long ago there lived an old man and his wife in a village. They were very poor but very kind.
One cold snowy day the old man went to the town to sell the woods. On his way back home he saw something moving in a snow- field.
"What is that?"
He found a crane in a trap. The more it moved, the harder the trap pressed against it. The old man felt very sorry for it.
"Stop, don't move. I'll help you."
He helped itout of the trap. It flew away toward the mountain.
He went home and told his wife the story that evening.
"I did one good thing today. I helped a crane from a trap".
Then there was the sound of knocking at the door.
"Who is it?" said his wife.
She opened the door, and found a beautiful lady standing there.
" Excuse me, but I came to this village to visit my friend. It is snowing heavily outside and I got lost in the dark. Please let me stay with you for a while."
"It is very cold tonight. Why don't you come in? We are so poor and we don't have good bedclothes. But if that is okay, you can stay with us."
The lady was very happy to hear such kindness and decided to stay there.
old house The next day and the day after that, it still snowed heavily. She had to stay there for several days.
She was so kind that she cooked and did everything for them. She massaged the old couple's shoulders with her gentle hands before going to bed every night.
As they had no children, they thought of her as if she were their own daughter.
One night she said to them,
"Please make me your daughter."
They were very happy to hear it and answered "Yes" without hesitation.
One day she said to her parents.
"I want to make fine cloth. So please, will you buy me thread for it."
Her father bought her thread. While she prepared to make fine cloth in her room, she said to her parents.
"From now on, I'll make fine cloth. While I am working, promise me you will never look into my room, Never. Never."
"Yes, we promise. We will never look into your room. So please make your wonderful cloth."
She spent all day in her room, making cloth. In the evening she didn't come out of her room. The next day and the following day, she continued weaving in her room.
Her parents were always listening to the sound of her work.
crane lady 2 Three nights since she had begun, the sound stopped, and she came out of her room with a roll of cloth.
"Mother, Father, please look at this. I made it."
It was the most beautiful cloth that they had ever seen.
"What a beautiful cloth this is! I've never seen such a beautiful thing before." They were astonished by the beauty of it.
"This is called a crane textile. Why don't you go to the town and sell it tomorrow? And please buy me more thread.".
The next morning the old father went to the town.
"Fine crane textile! Fine crane textile!" he said, as he walked the street.
Soon it was sold at a very high price to a rich man. He bought thread and other things with the money, and returned home happily.
The next day, the lady began to work on a textile again.
Three days passed, and the old woman said to her husband,
"What a beautiful textile she makes! I wish I could look into her room."
"Don't do that. She told us not to."
But his wife wouldn't listen to him.
"A little, only a little." She said.
"Oh my God!"
The crane was making the textile using her long bill; she was plucking out her feathers and mixing them into the thread.
She had almost used up all her feathers.
"There is a crane making the cloth." The woman whispered to her husband.
That night the lady came out of her room with a roll of cloth.
crane "Mother, Father... I'll never forget your kindness. I am the crane you helped from the trap on that cold snowy day. I came here to help you, but I had my true figure seen. I can't stay here any longer. I must say goodbye to you. Thank you very much".
They asked her to stay, but it was impossible.
Opening her arms, she changed into a crane and flew up in the sky, circled over the house and flew away toward the mountain.
The old man and his old wife lived happily ever after with the money from the crane's last textile.(2006/5/27 Remake helped by Mazuka. Corrected by Brittany Hardwicke on 2015.12.27)

English Reading by George Cooney

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