The snow lady Japanese

snow house Long, long ago there lived a young man and his father in the northern country. On a snowy day they went to a mountain with their rifles on their shoulders. Suddenly the weather became bad, so they spent the night in the mountain hut, waiting for the weather to get better.
At midnight the door opened with a big sound when they had been sleeping. They awoke to find a strange woman standing there. When the young man was going to speak to her, she breathed a white breath on his father, who became white and frozen in a moment.
Snow house The young man thought that she must have been a spirit of snow. She said to him,
"You are young, so I'll help you. But never say about this incident to others!" said she and disappeared into the snow.
The next morning he awoke to find his father dead.
About one year had passed. On a rainy day he found a beautiful lady sheltering under the eaves of his house. He was kind enough to let her into his house and heard her story. snow lady Her name was Oyuki(Snow). She had no relatives to rely on. Soon they fell in love with each other and got married and had two children. They lived a happy life.
On a snowy night he spoke to her about that incident carelessly. She became so sorrowful and said in a sad voice, "At last you spoke about it though I had told you never to speak about it."
She ran away from him into outside. She was the snow spirit. She could no longer live in a figure of human being.
"Oyuki,Oyuki". cried he in vain.(corrected:2002/8/15 helped by Mazuka and Itaya)

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