My Favorite Place

"Bank of the Kagami river"

Kagami river in Kochi city

# In spring there is a full-blown cherry blossome
  on the cause way.
  I become happy when I ride a bicycle under trees.
  I see people who run, barbecue, practice instrument
  and fishing... .
  I'm very happy to see that!

"A beach near the Katsura beach"

Nagahama in Kochi city

# There's nothing but I like.
  I'm happy only to see the ocean!

"Public pool of Kochi"

Inside pool
To the south from the "Groundstreet" street car stop
Till 21:00
A pool holiday:Thursday

# In winter it changes a hot pool.
  In the pool middle age people walk and walk.
  That's good.  In summer I'm going to try aquabics there.  maybe...

"Library of Kochi city"

A library
Near the city hall
Till 19:00
A library holiday:Monday and 20th

# I rather like than the library of Kochi pref.
  In audio room there are lot's of classical music CD.
  It's cool!

"Museum of Kochi"

A museum
To the north from the stop of "the museum st."
Till 17:00
A holiday:Monday

# I like plans and event that the museum makes.
  Especially I like concerts about exhibition at the time.
  See! Japanese "No" theater.