Various Shop

"Culpeper House"

Aroma therapy shop
Aoyama st.
from 11:00

# I got know the words "Aroma therapy" for the first time here.
  This shop has a variety of essential oils in stock.
  And there are curry rue for example "Nepalese" that's my favorite.


An aroma therapy salon
Near JR kichijyoji station

# Here's cheep. I hope that the fee is no change.
  Body massage is 6,000yen.
  Anyone can drink herbs tea anything you like.
  And fun chatting with salon stuff.

"Gallary of night vision art"

Till 23:00

# A picture that painted speciall paints become change
  by a speciall light.
  You can watch the change from morning to night in the picture.
  As if you are in a fantastic world and you feel relax.


Relactive room
In Aoyama

# You get  wave using souuds, lights and aroma.
  Nomember is ok.  Visitor fee is 2,000yen within 30 minutes.
  You can check your brain waves using a computer.
  When I checked it I always had  waves.


Character goods shop
In Jiyugaoka in Meguro

# All goods in there is Dayan that's a cat drowned by Akiko Ikeda.
  You could have a good time if you don't know Dayan.
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