That's my favorite Links.


Webbed Out in Kochi
That's a page by Mike from Canada.
He lives in Kochi now.
It's a guide of Kochi in Japan.

Joke and game's page.
I don't know what he thinks.
I don't understand this page at all... .

Eric and Val's page in Singapore.
the Page about Gameboy.
I knew them through "Tamagotch".
EAGB(Euro-Asia GameBoy)

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All of people who study german know "Goethe"'s page.

The German Internet Chronicles
Practising german grammer.
For biginner's lesson is difficult for me. :(

Deutsch <-> Englisches Woerterbuch
German-English dictionary.
It's pretty useful.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
Easy to understand!
Happy! : )

German for Biginners
It's cool site for biginners.

Lernforum Deutsch
Study study... .

Multilingual Network
You can find friends exchanging email by
German, French, Spanish, etc.

Virtual Cards

1001 Post Cards
There are many many cards about anything.
Too many... I'm tired to see... .

Blue Mountain
There are special cards all around the world!
Each card has music.

Create an Electronic Greeting Card
You can customize that you want.
The animation is real.


Phillip's 1-800-Florals
Many many virtual flowers.
Why don't you send it to your Sweetheart?


Museum of Art, Kochi
Information of exihivisions and concerts.
I like concerts concerning with exihivision.

Kochi western Gospel Church
Information about Kochi western Gospel Church.
Services, events, telephone service...

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