Drinking and Cafe


Open cafe
to the east on Yanagi st.
Till 0:00

# The food is delicious.  It's Italian but there are sevral
  different food for example Alabian... .
  At night this cafe changes kinda bar.
  Wine is good.


Irish pub
Near Daimaru department store
Till 1:00

# It has Guiness beer.  It's very unusual in Kochi.
  The shop owner likes Ireland a lot.
  So on st.patric day it may have kinda party.

"Bre bllan"

A cafe
Near the city hall

ˇůIt has many kinda tea.
  Jasmin, rose, Harrods no14 and after five.
  Cakes are cool.


A cafe
To the south from "Masgata" stop

ˇůSometimes there is strawberry in hot sandwitch.
  mmmm.... I wonder why sometimes?