The Others


Noodle shop
On st. Asahimachi 3 tyo-me

# It's the one of a long-established noodle shop in Kochi.
  I think many people grew up with this taste, aren't they?
  Well, always crowded.  From 14:00 to 16:00 little crowded.


Maltinational restaurant
To the south "Masugata" stop

# It's kinda stand style.
  The food is mainly Asian.  
  My recommendation is a lunch.
  You can try a variety of taste only by that.


Maltinational food
Near Kochi toei movie theater

# I don't know if there's the shop.
  I wonder...  It's very good restaurant.
  Try tai curry, pretty hot!
  And there's wine of Chile and Argentina.


Chinese food
In Mama

# I recommend Tenshinhan.
  But I like previous shop and taste rather than now.
  It tasted different taste every time.
  I liked that.  Now it tastes same.  no fun... .


Udon shop
In Isezaki-tyo

# The best udon shop in Kochi!.
  Usually crowded.
ˇˇKakiage-udon is very cool!

"Pome damur"

Cake shop
Near Takasu Sunymart

# A cake named "Pome damur" as same as shop name is speciall at
  this shop.  It's very tasty.
  Caution to become addicted!

"Ce siell"

Cafe and cake shop
Near Jyosei Park

# All hand made!
  The shop is fulled with flowers.
  Savaran is really tasty!  but too much alchol for me.