Photos of Kochi

The 1st Photo Otemae highschool I used to go. I like that shape.
The 2nd Photo Onagadori - It's a Kochi's special bird which has a very very long tail.
The 3rd Photo Kochi-jo - Kochi castle.
The 4th Photo Harimaya bridge which has special story. See more..
The 5th Photo Old Harimaya bridge - I prefer the old one than the new one.
The 6th Photo Katsura-hama - It's a beach famous for the moon watching.
The 7th Photo Noichi view - Noichi is one of towns of Kochi pref.
The 8th Photo Ryoma's statue - Ryoma Sakamoto is very famous histrical person of Kochi. See more..
The 9th Photo sold dishes - They are sold on the street even on a rainy day.
The 10th Photo Chinka-bridge - It's an old type bridge. I like it and this photo.

I took these pictures.
but I'm not good at taking pictures.
Please let me know how you feel these photos via an email or a board.