Eating House


French food
On Aoyama st.

# Cheep and Tasty!
Lunch is good I think.
  Desert is very beautiful and devised.


Central Asian food
In Higashinakano

# In the center of Tokyo city there's a tent of a wandering tribe.
  If you make a reservation for dinner, you'll have that in a tent.


A coffee shop
Near Ekoda station of seibuikebukuro line

# You can choice the cup anything you like in many kinds or cups.
  Coffee gelly is exceptionally good.
  My recommendation is Santos.


A pub
In Higashijyujyo

# It's very fun!!  Of what?  Everything!
  The master and Menu!
  The master always studies and thinks new food menu.
He said it was maltinational food but I think it's rather
  Strange food no, It's a CRAZY FOOD!