"Hotel new Otani Tokyo"

City hotel
Near JR Yotsuya station

# Excellent!  Everything is excellent!
  There's a really beautiful japanese garden, 
  a museum and many shops.
  You can spend all day without going outside.
  A bath in a twin room is made of Marble!

"ANA hotel Tokyo"

City Hotel
In Akasaka arkhills

# After the concert in Suntory hall if you stay this hotel,
  you'll become happy and feel luxury.
ĦĦBreakfast is rich!

"Keio Plaza Hotel"

City Hotel

# It's located very convenient place.  It's casual rather than
  deluxe.  Standard room is little small I think.

"Imperial hotel"

City Hotel
IN Ginza

# The top hotel in Japan!
  Excellent!  Luxury!  Deluxe!  I don't know what to explain.
  Service is great and behavior of hotel stuff is wonderful.
  What can I say?


City Hotel
In Meguro

# This Japanese garden is beautiful.
  You can see the view from every party room.
  Only you go, you feel as if you are rich people.

"Hotel Nikko Tokyo"

City Hotel
In Daiba

# The view is good!
  You can see the Ocean and the rainbow bridge.
ĦĦI've never stayed this Hotel so I don't know much.
  My brother said that the room was very wide and comfortable.
ĦĦThat robby is spacious so I feel lonely.


Japanese Inn
In Kanagawa pref.

# It's not Tokyo...near Tokyo. Hehehe.
  It's a Nanasawa hot spring inn.  The hot spring is great.
  And oneday trip is ok.