Koala Room

I studied about Koala that my favorite as my summer study.
I met real Koalas in Australia.

A postcard with koala's stamp ( I bought it at post office in Gold coast)

These are Koalas I met.

Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary

Lone pine Koala sanctuary

Dream world

I have been Brisbane and Gold coast in Australia.

I went to Lone pine Koala sanctuary in Brisbane

Koala country in Dream world

and Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary in Gold coast.

These are my study report about Koala.
Please clickhere.
1. Where does Koala live ?
2.What country is Australia where live in Koala?

3. What does Koala eating ?

4.Where does Koala sleeping?

5.What does Koala doing while they are staying up?

6.What is Koala size?

7. I watched Koala baby!!

8. Big problem of Koala !!(According to news paper)