Comic story research meetings of the JOSAI university

We are the comic story research meetings of the JOSAI university.
It came well.
Various things write the latest activities report and future prearranged news,
member introduction besides that.
By all means, you may put a bookmark, and come! !

Leave a footprint in the bulletin board.

Then, slowly.

Though we are comic story research meetings, only a comic story isn't given.
Well, what do you do on earth?
If it says with the word, it is a "pleasant thing".
For example, it runs!
It doesn't only run.
As for it EEE It can't be written here.

We announce a comic story in the various places.
In such cases as the community center, school, the self-governing body.
It is very glad to memorize it
when it is laughed at that it is memorized though it is difficult to memorize it.

Try to listen to the Japanese comic story by all means if there is an opportunity.
It is probably to feel Japanese culture there.

When it is renewed next time, I want to insert the state of the activities.
It lasts. EEE

It is very happy when it can have us send mail.
Send mail if it is interested, please. @

qeturned at first.