Ms. Tatu Jeacky lives about 500 m far from center of Musoma town. The waterside of Lake victoria were getting closer and closer as we reach her home, so I asked her,

"Are you all right when the waterlevel arises?"
Then she answered,

"We'd never be under water because our house is on a stone."

Her house was built as sitting on a big rock, about 5 m above from the ground.

"I see! It's all right."

She's a fourth child in her 7 sisters. Her parents died when she was still young.

She lives with her cousin though other sisters live in their homevillage a good distance from Musoma. But there are others there, her cousin's wife and their 5 children.

(Her cousin Paulo, at left side in the picture)

Because their parents aren't alive, there's no brother and so on, her family has been poor for a long time. The purpose of this visit was to investigate the family budget to recomend her as a scholarship student of our scholarship committee.

Paulo support the family budget now. He is a carpenter, 30 years old passed, and his monthly income is about thirty thousand Tanzania shilings. This corresponds to about 45 US dollar. Take into consideration GNP of Tanzania, it seems to be enough but we can't understand the real situation in this country well by the number of GNP only, nowadays.

They have a small field and they are cultivating only cassava for their meals.Cassava doesn't make much money if it is sold. That's why the family depends on Paulo's income but the situation is hard for making 8 people eat.

Ms. Tatu Jeachy at the right. The next is her friend.

She says that she wants to be a sister and look after sick people.

I asked her,

"AIDS is prevalent in this country so you won't be able to escape from looking after the people who lose hopes for the rest of their lives because of being HIV infected or falling ill. How are you gonna nurse for the people like this?"

Then she answered,

"I'll read Bible at their sides."

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