New year term starts from January and finishes in December in O-Level. In A-Level, it begins in July and finishes in next June. So the graduation ceremony of Form 4 students is held at the end of October and they take the National Examination at the beginning of November though those of Form 6 are held at the end of April and at the beginning of May, respectively.

The Form 6 students of Musoma Secondary School also went out to their next stages strongly on the past April 30.

The ceremony begins with the songs sung by lower-grade students, then the headmaster's speech and the play performed by lower-grade students again follows them. Now the songs and dances of leaving students make the ceremony hotter and hotter.

But when the representatives of them talked the memory of each student in his Form 6 days, the air was filled with deep emotion.

A leaving student given a temporary certificate by the headmaster.

They would graduate formally after the National Examination.

Hot day would never come to end!

Phew! The ceremony has finished. Now I've got a rest time.... No! You've never got it, or you shouldn't get such a empty moment on the happy day like this! Dance, dance, dance today!! All people love dancing. Not only young but old people start dancing if there is music.

"Welcome, teacher!"

"Here here! Let's dance together!!"

"Take our pictures!"

Even leaving students, they were dancing to music though one of biggest examinations in their lives is coming soon.

The very hot night continues into endless without cooling down....

The Form 6 students have left strongly with their hard study but there will be a lot of difficulties on their way of continuing to study or finding jobs. There might be so many students who will get financial problems even if they get chance to study at universities. Even when they try finding jobs, will they succeed in getting the jobs suitable for them?

In fact, they listened severe social situation in Tanzania from Old Boys before the ceremony. The situation in this country is much harder than which we imagine. But I cannot help feeling their strength in which they can amuse themselves by dancing to music with understanding that.

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