Teachers of Musoma Secondary School.

Agriculture, Machinery, Chemistry & Biology teacher from left hand side.

Tere are many students studying technical subjects in O-level (Ordinary Level).

Tere are about 600 students and 40 staffs at Musoma Secondary School. It consists of Ordinary Level and Advanced Level, and from 15 to 27-year-old students lead good but hard lives.

Musoma Secondary School is a technical school originally so some O-level students are taking a technical course. 35 students are girls to the whole 600 students. There are only boys in A-Level and they're boarding at the school dormitories.



Number of students


(Form 1 - 4)

General course

Swahili, English, Civics, History, Geography, Basic Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture**, Divinity


Technical course

Same with the above, Technical subjects***



(Form 5 & 6)

HGL Course

History, Geography, Language (English, Swahili)


HGK Course

History, Geography, Swahili

(K of HGK means K of Kiswahihi and Kiswahili means "Swahili".)


PCM Course

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


* All Students are taking Genral Studies in addition to the above subjects.

** Each secondary school has a Bias, on which they put special importance, and that of Musoma Secondary School is Agriculture.

*** Technical subjects are as below. Students learn basic things in Form 1 and they specialize a few subjects from Form 2.

A. Mechanical Engineering

    1. Welding & Metal fabrication
    2. Fitting & Turning
    3. Motor vehicle mechanics
    4. Foundry (No teacher now)
    5. Workshop Technology

B. Civil Engineering

  1. Carpentry & Joinery
  2. Masonry & Brick work
  3. Plumbing
  4. Surveying
  5. Building construction

C. Electrical Engineering

  1. Electrical Installation
  2. Radio & Television service
  3. Electrical engineering science

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Brief overview of the educational system in Tanzania

Primary School (7 years :Standard 1 - 7)

Educational language: Swahili

Subjects: Swahili, Politics, English (from Form 3), science, divinity

National examination just before graduation

Secondary School / O-Level (4 years: Form 1 - 4)

Educational language: English

Compulsory subjects: Swahili, English, Civics, History, Geography, Mathematics, Divinity

Optional subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Art, Physical education, Home economic, Commerce, Africulture, French, Computer, Technical subjects

Zonal or Regional examination at the end of Form 2

National examination just before graduation

Secondary School / A-Level (2 years: Form 5 and 6)

Educational language: English


PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

PGM (Physics, Geography, Mathematics)

CBG (Chemistry, Biology, Geography)

CBA (Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture)

HGL (History, Geography, Language)

HGK (History, Geography, Swahili)

ECA (Economics, Commerse, Accounting)

EGM (Economics, Geography, Mathematics)

KLF (Swahili, Language, French)

National examination just before graduation

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