Alistides Ndibalema

He's a class monitor of FORM 6 PCM. He's very curious about everything, especially, he studies physics very much.

He tells me that he wants to be a building constructor in his future. But his probrem is also economical situation as other students have. His father died in 1996 but he studies very hard every day to make his dream comes true.

Now shall we see his message. (He typed all the following message.)

I am just introducing my self as ALISTIDES NDIBALEMA. Iwas born in 1979; now I am about

19 years old, my village is about 20 km from Bukoba Town. It takes me time to travel from Buzi (my home village) though I like. In my way, I need to take car to Bukoba and then getting in the ship passing Lake Victoria (it takes all the nighit) to Mwanza where I then take the Bus to Musoma.

As a PCM student with my classmate I much like my subuject .Thinking in mind that the knowledge I am going to get will asist me. I like more to be tought by Japanees. Aftre my study (before 1999 June) I will be back to my home land.

Bukoba is well all right, its land is fertile. Bananas are well grown in Bukoba and a big different numbers of fruits. In Buzi forests are maintained, most of the land is for keeping cattles.

I then say I like to communicate with different people from different places espcially people from Japan, though I don't know Japaneese language.

All of you, visit Bukoba once, it's habitants are very kindly and you will enjoy how do they participate in their daily businesses.

Good news to all Japanese, Musoma is well intrested like Bukoba but in Musoma it's too suny than Bukoba during summer period. Bukoba is well located along Lake Victoria coast, the lake is green, it is easier to foot along the shore of the lake. Again passing from Bukoba Town to Buzi is where you can enjoy more than normal, there are birds in the trees, there are caves in the area. I don't think if people will not enjoy these places. I think you Japanese like to see them. Something more is about its shape, there are number of hills, one of them is KASHASHA HILL. Boys and girls are getting slide from the top of it to the base every Sunday. In winter period, it rains from mornig up to noon.The soil is dark red and after it rains all the water running into small rivers are dark red like the soil. Is Japan's soil dark red?

For those who have been touched to their mind, they will visit Bukoba in all.

Onesmo M. Buswelu

His home is in a small village, southern side of Lake Victoria. It takes about 12 hours to get to Musoma by bus and he gets on a ferry a bit on his way to Musoma.

He is very eager to study and calm. He's been getting along with other students very well though he is a little bit older than them. (He is 26 years old.)

I'm a form master of Form 5 PCM* (*:See Introduction of Musoma Sec. School.), now. The correspondence between my class' students and the children studying at a supplementary private school where my friend is teaching in Japan has started. Tanzanian students were very glad to hear from students in Japan, far distant and admiring country. Although Onesmo Buswelu is about twice as old as those Japanese children, he also asked me "Please translate the letters in a hurry, teacher." as if he became a child again....

Onesmo Buswelu has much kindness. I will show you one of his letters which shows his kindness.

[Letter of Keisuke from Tochigi Prefecture]

Dear my friends

My name is Keisuke. There are few chances to exchange with foreigners so I've been looking forward to today!

And how wonderful, we've got it from Tanzania! (Panpakapaan pan pan pan panpakapaaan: sound effects)

By the way, do Tanzanian people like football though I like it very much? Please cheer Japan in the coming World Cup. (Ole ole ooh...: cheering sound)

From Keisuke

[Reply letter of Mr. Onesmo Buswelu]

Dear my friend Keisuke

How are you? I am fine. My name is Onesmo Buswelu a student of Musoma high school.

I am very happy for your letter. In your letter you said that you like football very much, here I say never turn back you just go on.

Again in case of world cup in Frence, I wish you all the best success and God may bless you so that you can win the match.

Also I like football so worry not you are going to be given much congratulations from my class.

Now I have no more to add rather than thanking you.

Yours cordially. Onesmo Buswelu

Onesmo M. Buswelu at the right in the picture:

He says, "I'm very interested in studying computers. It's very advantageous for us if we could know how to use it very much." But computer education has a long way to be spread in Tanzania.

He is cheerful all the time but he seemed to be anxious about his mother's situation of disease this term. In fact, his mother has cancer and she's in hospital now.

Though he came to phone to hear her situation from a doctor in the hospital, I used to think what look I could give him. His father already died so his affection for her might be quite big. Probably, there might be some days which he couldn't concentrate on his studying.

The next day after we finished annual examinations, he went back his home. He would be smiling, sitting at his dear mother's side.

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