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Introduction to the Instrument

The vielle is a rubbed string-instrument same as the violin. But the vielle rubs its strings with a wooden wheel("roue" in French) instead of a bow like the violin.

The wheel of the vielle is connected with a metal crank handle, and vielle players("vielleux" in French) must continue to turn the crank with the right hand while playing on the vielle.

Usually the vielle keeps on sounding while playing. Its continuous sound and drone strings("bourdon") give an impression resembling a bagpipe.

On the upside of the instrument there is a keybox("Boitier a touches") which can play the melody with the left hand. When you push a key, tangents("sautreaux") move and change the pitch of the melody strings("chanterelles").

The keyboard of french traditional vielle is usually chromatic and 2 octaves range. Although the keyboard is chromatic, the tonality is limited because of drone strings. For example if you have drones in C and G, you shall play the vielle in the tonality of C.

The characteristic of the vielle is its rhythm function. The vielle can play melodies accompnied with rhythmic buzzing sound.

*Sound sample

Sound sample PCM data
French traditional tune played by myself
recording time : 15 seconds
Monoral, sampling rate : 22Khz, bit depth : 16bits

First upload : May, 2000

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