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Marco Borsato

Thanks to my friend,Tom
*Lopen op het water
*Het water
official site!---nice music

Norah Jones

you can listen many songs here.

Nine Days

*Absolutely(Story of a girl)

Clay Aiken


Official site

Kenny G....(Saxophone music)

*the moment
Official site---listen music!

Craig David

Thanks to my friend,Yuki.
*Rise & Fall

Official site---you can listen nice Music..


*When I fall in love
*Cloud 9
*Just a little love
*This must be heaven


*Back Here
*Out of my heart
*Ghost of you and me
*Do you believe in magic?
*Out of reach
*I still believe
*She's everything
*Love is Leaving
*Still on your side
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Official Site.
Official Site.(UK)

Evan and Jaron

*Crazy for this girl
*The distance
Official site---Click!

Hilary Duff

*Why not
*So Yesterday
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*Can't help falling in love with you

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Jesse McCartney..

*Beautiful soul...music

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*One Love
*Like a friend
*the Gift

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Maksim...(Piano music)

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Avril Lavigne.

*My World

Official site---Click!


*It's just you.

Great site---Click!

Nate Sallie.

*Inside out
*Save me

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Mike old field...(Guitar music)

*Guitars (1999)
+Summit Day
+Four Winds
+Out of Mind
+From the Ashes

Starting line..

*The Best of me

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*Island in the Sun.

Vertical Horizon.

*Im Still here
*Goodbye again
*Everything you want

Stacie Orrico.

*More to Life
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Yellow card

*Way Away