*** Australia ***
* I went to Australia last year!*
3rd December, 2002---24th December, 2002

I stayed at PortMacquarie about 1 month(homestay)and,I had English class every day.
Although I felt the one month passed in a blink of an eye,
I had unique experiences I couldn't have had on ordinary tours.

I went to the Billabong Koala Park on December 6th.
There were many koalas, kangaroos, wombats and many other animals.
I saw a koala for the first time!
I thought that Australian nature is very beautiful.

7th December, Saturday
I went to thePet Porpoise Pool (aquarium)
I touched a dolphin and kissed by the seal. It was very fun!

17th December, Tuesday
I could see many kangaroos near my hostfamily's house.