Dan Schlesinger

Nov 29th Sat...
I went to Dan Schlesinger's(he is a painter.who is a drawing the cover, Japanese HarryPotter's books.)
"Fantasy Arts Seminar"today. It was sooo nice! I was impressed.
He speaks Japanese very well! And,He is very fun,bright,and friendly.
We listened to his lecture,and He taught us how to draw a picture.
I respect him very much. I was soo happy today!
special thanks to all staff,Harue.S, and ofcourse Dan Schlesinger.
If I get a chance,I want to go his lecture again.and I hope he comes to Sendai again.
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I love Disney
I like Disney animation.
I sometimes mimic the Disney animation and draw the pictures.


Only pencil..

World cup, 2002
I like watching soccer game!
The World Cup in 2002 was held in Japan and Korea.


get a present..