Greeting/About me

This is my first time to write a greeting in English,
so I'm feeling little nervous...

First of all, I'd like to introduce my self.
I'm a Foreign Language College student.
I like to see Movies, listen to music, use computer and painting.

I want to be a painter or a designer. but, I have never told about my dream to anyone...
because, all persons around me are "realist".

but,I keep my dream and draw a picture!
Please see a gallery.
then, Please give me your message if you have an interest in my pictures and my web site.

Thank you for read this greeting the last.
I'm not good at English, but I'll study it as hard as I can.

Enjoy this site!

With Love from Japan...
*BirthDay:March 1st 1984
*I live in Sendai.Japan.
*I like...Movies,Music,Photo,Picture,Disney,Dogs...

*If I make mistakes in this site, please e-mail me.

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