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Since the hit-and-run murder of his wife five years ago,
an ex-doctor Rennie Cray has crisscrossed America
in his souped-up, stripped-down turned up'68 Plymouth Barracuda,
pursuing her killer.
The man he seeked in a high-speed, high-stakes game of
cat-and-mouse is James Fargo, a merciless, wheelchair-bound pyschopath.
He was son of a insualance company worker. When he was a child, he was
interested in accident photos More he saw such like photos more he
wanted to get accident by himself.
Reny thought why my wife should've been die...?
Since then he cut down his teeth to driving technich and car tuning up technich
Then he found Fargo and tried to kill him however he can't kill Fargo.
After he got in jail, he found the fact,Fargo has turned his rampaging
'72 Cadillac Eldorado into a monstrous extension of his own
twisted body and mind.

Now, their deadly battle of wits and wills is about to move into overdrive.
And caught in their headlights is a tormented beauty who unwittingly
holds the key to their ultimate showdown.
Directed By:
Robert Harmon
Written By:
Craig Mitchall
Hans Bauer
James Caviezel
(Rennie Cray)
Rhona Mitora
Frankie Faison
(Will Macklin)
Andrea Roth
(Alexandra Farrow)
Gorton Currie
(Ray Boone)
Guylaine St. Onge
(Olivia Cray)
Director R.Harmon's sencetional movie The Hitcher
helped to get back actor's main carrer for
C.Thoman Howell and Rutger Hower.
Then it was thrilling as same as Duel.
Highwaymen was car-chasing thriller
If you were interested in American soup-up car,
you would be interested in this movie.
Also shooting technic of this movie was great.
They use lots of chopper because of Renny
cricrossed mountain roads.
James Cavlezel is so gloom at first middle of
serious end of carm in the film.
He changed his expression a story developing.
He acted as if he on a mission from God to stop
and apprehend or kill the mad motorist, Fargo,
from his deadly rounds of killing people all over the state.
For what? His wife? If someone who was not Caviezel played
Renny this role it wouldn't be worth to see even DVD.

Stranger Than Fiction(2007)
Everybody knows that your life is a story.
But what if a story was your life?
Harold Crick is your average IRS agent:
monotonous, boring, and repetitive.
But one day this all changes when Harold began to
hear "female" inside his head narrating his life.
The narrotor was Karen Effiel,a famous tragedian author
writing her latest novel about an isolated man named
Harold Crick.
For her, it was new novel since over 10 years.
So, her voive inside of Harold was extraordinarily accurate.
Still, she couldn't decide how to finish her novel.
At the same time, Harold consulted what's his doing for
professor Jules Hilbert who was specialized in logology.
But he told Harold that I'm not specialized in psychoanalysis.
Once Harold was dissapointed though after he said the narration
of his inside of his head to professor,he was fastinated.
Suddenly he adviced what can be done.
"The thing to determine conclusively is whether you are in
a comedy or a tragedy.
Have you met anyone who simply might loathe the very core of you? "
Harold actually felt in love first sight Anna who work at
bakely but she hate Harold because of he was IRS agent.
After he told everybody hate him.
professor just said "Well, that sounds like a comedy!"
What's that? so Harold could be happy with her?
After he got professor's advice, Harold went to Anna's bakely
then he was end up to reserch 3 years shopkeeper's books.
After he finished to resersh, Anna made cookies for Harold
but he was too punctual for work so he refuse her kindness
She went mad. He got hurt.
After that he told all of things professor.He was amazed Harold's
personality then professor told him didn't do anything he want.
In spite of he didn't do anything he want,he was about to kill
by heavy machine which wrong to crash a apartment next of
Harold's lives. What's going on? Who wanted to kill me somehow??
What do I wanna do before I die? Harold consider about it
Playing guitar...see movies...proposed Anna...
Next day Harold reported professor that I was able to get comedy in his life.
But he found who was voice inside of his head eventually.
Karen Effiel,a famous tragedian author,also professor was one of
her novel's fun. He told Harold you couldn't be stay away from
result of novel...
Directed By:
Mark Forster
Written By:
Zach Helm
Harold Crick
(Will Ferell)
Maggie Gyllenhaal
(Ana Pascal)
Dustin Hoffman
(Professor Jules Hilbert)
Queen Latifab
(Penny Escher)
Emma Thompson
(Karen Eiffel)
Tom Hulce
Linda Hunt
Tony Hale
The storyline some may believe to be too far fetched
at first to take seriously, but in the end it does work.
Will Ferrell was the perfect choice as Harold.
He gave the movie a sense of ''The Truman Show''
What's the difference between The Truman Show
and Stranger Than Fiction was
how to accept
their "fortune" even though they knew their "tragetie"
In the movie,The Truman-, Truman accepted his
fortune in front of his audience and for audience not
for director and determinded to spends mandane day
On the other hand Harold decided to find author and
tried to change result but after read her book,
he adimired and adimid why Karen was respectable novelist
Then she had to re-write her result of her novel because
of she can't expect to meet his and her main character's
character was good than she thoght.
It was amazing comcept of the movie.
Emma was sutable casting for Karen. She was Oscar nomination
actress for writing. She play well sorrow-hillaious writer.

Bob Lee Swagger, a former Marine Corps sniper who left the military
after he lost his partner Donny during his mission in Ethiopia.
because his platoon left them.
Since then Bob had been lived Wyoming Village with dog.
3 years later, Colonel Issac Johnson showed up with two flunkies
tried to convince Swagger to help to them thwart a plot to
assasinate the president honor.
"It was internal people's plan, we can't go to the usual agencies.
The government itself has been penetrate.
Standerd Secret Service protective cordonis out to 880 yards.
We need to scout ,tell us how you would do it so we could
stop it."
it was request of Colonel also swaing Swagger's pride as a shooter.
Honor and duty got the better of him, he reluctantly agreed to paticipated.
Result of inspection, shooting place would be Philadeliphia by Swagger.
Still he couldn't understand why Colonel wouldn't reserch by his agency...
Eventually FBI enforced tight security measure to
stay away from assasination.
One of the new-comer agent Nick was allocated suburb of place
then he lost hearted but the place was Swagger settled here.
Finally Pregident started to his speech. In spite of Swagger commanded
to shooter nobody moved there. Something might be set up...
But it was too late to found it.
There were two gun shots. A gun shot pregident, another gun shot Swagger.
Nick was surprized a man who drop from the window and injured.
He shouted and stole his car and gun then said "I was set up detective Timons"
Nick was panicked wireless command told him suspected of assasination was
Swagger but he cound't do that.
At the same time, he dropped into Sara- widow of Donny's house.
Since he lost Donny,he has thought that he doesn't deserve to meet Sara.
He asked medical treatment of his heavy injuries.
Then he found the fact pregident wasn't died.
Etiopian Anbasser was died instead of him...another man find the fact
why Swagger missed the targer...? Nick started reserch.
Directed By:
Anthoine Fuque
Written By:
Jonathan Lemkin
Based Story
Written By:
Stephen Hunter
Mark Wahlberg
(Bob Lee Swagger)
Michael Pene
(Nick Menphis)
Danny Glover
(Col.Issac Johnson)
Kate Mara
(Sarah Fenn)
Elias Koteas
(Jack Payne)
Rhona Mitra
(Alourdes Galindo)
Ned Beatty
(Senetor Carles E Meachum)
Lane Garrison
(Donnie Fenn)
(Officer Stanley Timmons)
Rade Serbedgia
(Michael Sandor)

Based on '90s novel like Jason Boune sequel
Shooter wirtten by Stephen Hunter.
In the novel, Swagger was Vetnam Vet, who lost his mate
in vetnam war. His mate was shot by Russian sniper.
After he went back to America, he got divorced, had
alcoholic probrem then he settle into village to hunt
deer to protect from deer hunter.
Whenever he shot deers, he use anesthesia bullet then
cut their horns because purporse of deer hunters were
As you know Deer Hunterwas late of '70s American
movie which treat vetnam vet and how hurt American young guys.
I thought cinematized sequel of Shooter, as same as
Sequel of Jason Boune... did it.
And chooing actor M.Walberg was good.
Actor who was born in '70s, they know difficult time of America.
At that time, America lost their way.
If Swagger played by actor who was born in middle of '80s,
it wouldn't be good, I thought.
Movie plot reminds me R.Gear's action movie Jackal
remake of the movieThe Days of Jackal.
Stephen Hunter wrote the review of movie after he release
his book Shooter.What was his feeling at that time?
But I thought it was best time to cinematize this year, not 10 years ago.
There was no 9.11,just Gulf War,most American didn't have oppotunity
to war overseas.

Nowadays depeloping contries has faced the probrem "workingpoor"
it meant that more people work hard more people rich 20 years ago
but after milleniun it was no.
Most people's working style like "disposable worker" like 1-day hired
or 1 month hired, in Japan, temporally worker can't live their house.
They live internet cafe.
The movie reminds me anger of such like young men.
Especially when Swagger faced Rusiann shooter and tried to kill him
he cound't kill him because of he found Russian sniper was one of
chess piese of chess, also Swagger.
So he tried to end of the game, it meant kill Senetor.
Screenwriter was used as reference when he write this script
'70s R.Redford movie The Days of Condol It would be nice.

Runaway Jury(2003)
After shooting rampage at finance company,
11 attorneies were killed 5 workers were injured
then a gunman who victim of the finance company downsizing,
killed himself after shooting rampage.

2 years later, a widow of shooting rampage, Celeste Wood
determinded to sued a major gun manufacture
She dispatched idealistic lawyer Wendell Rohr to
oversee the case. A good man of principle, Wendell took charge
while on the defense team, another man will take charge.
On the other hand gun lobbies tagged together and hired
poweful ruthless jury consultant Rankin Fitch who used
cutting-age reserch tool whenever he choice jury.
As soon as he arrived New Oleans, he settled his reserchment place
at Friench Quater then started to reserch candidate of jury.
His team was able to reserch most candidate however a man
whose personal history was totally invisible -Nick Easter-
Now he is a part time worker at game center, everybody who
were in Fitch told Okay but Fitch didn't think so.

The day of selectin of jury, Fitch gave the word his lawer
how to get jury or no.
Finally、 Nick's turn came, he suddenly thwon contrempt of system
of jury,he was end up with chosen jury. was "criminal intent"
Whenever something happened, he tried to take the leadership this trial
on the curtain. What's for...
At the same time, Fitch and Rohr got a same memo from mysterious lady
Purpose of Nick and Marlee was money..or...
Directed By:
Gary Fleder
Written By:
Brian Koppelman
David Levien
Based Story
Written By:
John Grisham
John Cusack
(Nick Easter)
Rachel Weisz
Gene Hackman
(Rankin Fitch)
Dustin Hoffman
(Wendell Rohr)
Bruce Davison
(Durwood Cable)
Bruce McGill
(Judge Harkin)
Joanna Going
(Cereste Wood)
Dyran Mcdermott
(Jacob Woods)
Jeremy Piven
(Lawrence Green)
Nick Sercy
Nester Serrano
Jeniffer Beals
(Vanessa Lembeck)
Bill Nunn
(Lonnie Shaver)
Based on best selling novel The Runaway Jury
but I thought book was better than movie.
As you know cigarette was more dangerous than gun in USA,
but in another developed countries didn't thought
especially Japan.
Sometimes I can't believe why Japanese movie distributing
companies consider before distributing movies which
treated controvercial matters such as Insider
Thank You For Smoking.
To changing the treating object in the movie,
NRA critisized Hollywood showbiz world should be liveral.
Changing subject between cigarret to gun might be influent
not only progress also result of the movie.
It can focus on "system of jury" and "we would
take advantage of system of jury".Anyway...

Hackman and Hoffman were roommate their early years however
they didn't have oppotunity to work together.
I thought this time,Hackman stole the limeright away from Hoffman.
Of cauce Cusack play his role was well.
I was difficult to figure out why Nick slipped into all of USA's
gun trial as a jury.
The city of New Orleans is a fascinating setting for this film but wrong because
it's not the original setting of the book.

Playing God(1997)
Famous LA surgeon Eugene Sands is a drug addict doctor
- although he had long since been barred from
practicing medicine having been found operating high,
leading to a girl's death.
When he was at a club buying he witnesses a shooting
and stepped in to do enough to save a man's life.
The owner of the club and criminal to boot, Raymond Blossom,
takes an interest in Eugene and began using him and his doctor.
However the FBI were after Raymond and
made moves to use Eugene to trap him...
Directed By:
Andy Wilson
Written By
Mark Haskell Smith
David Duchovny
(Dr. Eugene Sands)
Timothy Hutton
(Raymond Blossom)
Angelina Jolie
Michael Massee
Peter Stormare
Andrew Tiernan
Gary Dourdan
When I watched it, D.Duchovny played famous
FBI agent Molder in X-file.
He shot this movie off season of X-file.
The plot was OK but the script doesn't manage to lift the story
up into something that is really strong and engaging.
Duchovny's actual performance wasn't as bad as his voiceover
but he doesn't exactly manage to lead the film.
Hutton struggled with a lack of character and how to play villain.
Regardless of good performances and Jolie's role was no character.
She wouldn't appeal her ability I thought.
Overall this was very much a workmanlike thriller.
The plot is good but the script can't do anything with it