Handle Name: HAYATE (Female)
Live:Kyoto.Pre.Japan Birth: January 12th Height:165cm Figure:36
My favorite close:Jil Sander,D&G,Max Mara,albert biani,ZARA,notify,B'donna,
Basically I like monotone,herringbone,marbles cuts.

Hobbies:Dance(anything)、swimming、playing keybord etc、
My car:Nissan,but I'm going to buy MITSUOKA's second hand moder car.
(MITSUOKA have scarcity value than NISSAN)

Stringfellow Hawke as

                              My favorite actors:
Hugh Jackman、Alain Delon、Jan=Micheal=Vincent、
Piearce Brosnan,Jim Carrey、Brendan Frazer、
       Jet.Lee、Tony Jaa、
Favorite Movies:
『Samourai(French Movie』『Message in A Bottle』『Sicilian』
『Year Of The Dragon』

Favorite TV series:

Favorite musician:
Journey, Kenny Loggins ,Enrique Iglesias,Ricky Martin,
Ella Fitzgerald,Yutaka Ozaki.

That's it! Nice to Meet you!