Fabulous Fabiani !

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Do you rememberthe British TV seriesDepartment S' ,which was broadcast around 1970?
There was a young, handsome American who was cast amongst the three principal characters.
That was him !
Stewart Sullivan!

Mr. Fabiani could be seen in many American TV series as a guest star in 70's and 80's ,
but in the 90's , his movies were never shown in our country at all......very sad.

At last he appeared in front of us ! It was in ‘
Snake Eyes’ .He played the role of the Secretary of Defense , who was assassinated at the opening of the movie.He was still as handsome as Stewart Sullivan !!

Here in Japan , there is not very much information about him , so
this Web Site is actually quite small compared to those of other actors.

In spite of this, for the past 25 years he has been loved by at least one fan here in Japan!

This page is devoted to Mr. Joel Fabiani.


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