Mana Yasuda profile

Mana Yasuda was born in Nara . Now lives in Osaka.
Yasuda worked as a full-time office worker for 10 years at an electric industr
ial company, and also a homemaker, creating 1 to 2 films per year.
 Yasuda started her career as a filmmaker by joining the Cinema Making Troupes
 at Kobe University, making comedy, drama, and suspense.
Yasuda's "Real Life Sized" style has been highly regarded, as receiving 6 time
s of the Grand Prizes at many amateur film awards. 
Her first 16mm film " ALL RIGHT "(2000) , produced by Kansai TV ,also won the
Fantaland Prize (for the best movie by the audience vote)at  YUBARI Internatio
nal Fantastic Film Festival and more prizes at 3 other festivals.
In 2002, Yasuda retired her office. Now Yasuda started to work as director and
 screen writer of TV drama and movie.

"All Right" "Just a drop of Magic"